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Sanjiv Kumar
Sanjiv Kumar

Sanjiv Kumar

Chartered Accountant,LL.B.n IFTI's PG Diploma

Smarthead Consulting

Important lesson learned
The most important lessons that I have learnt in life are as follows :
You need these four (4) Aces as in a deck of cards so in Life to be a winner-
1. A-ATTITUDE- Your Attitude has to be right- Your Attitude in Life will decide your Altitude in Life- Your attitude has to be right to succeed in Life.
2.A-ART TO COMMUNICATE - Effective communication is very important to succeed as it is one of the most important ways you market yourself to the world and the world understands you.
3.A-ABILITY- You have to have the right talent set to succeed and if you lack any ability then you can identify it and then learn that talent or enhance it further.

4.A-ALMIGHTY's GRACE- You can call it Divine help, super power's guidance etc but there is a force whose help is required to succeed in life.
Couple of years from now
Life is a journey and you never know where it may lead you. As the great Chinese Philosopher Confucius used to say "The Journey is more important than the Destination" as you spend more time in the journey and the destination is only a stop in the journey.
Having said that I want to do more for the society as I have been very lucky in my businesses and profession and so feel that I should should give back to the society by way of social service. In this en devour only I have started a company for vocational skilling where we are planning to skill the young Indians so that this demographic disaster becomes a demographic dividend for our country and the world.
Influenced by
I have been influenced the most by Gandhiji as I learnt from him that how he sold his dream of an Independent India to the people of India and made it their dream. Finally he enrolled the whole country into that dream and many people even laid down their lives to achieve this dream.
The even greater influence was of the fact that though it was easier to achieve this dream by violent means but he taught the whole Nation to fight with non-violent methods and taught not just the Indians but the whole world a much superior way of agitation - The non-violent way.
His teachings of the non-violence not only got us our independence but also helped India install and keep its democratic values even in the post independent phase.
Ensuring success
I feel the best way to continue to grow and develop it to read good books and listen to motivational tapes and speakers.
I am of the firm belief that through books you meet all the enlightened people who walked this Earth before you whom otherwise you could not have met.
I also give and attend lot of talks where you share your ideas with the participants and learn from the talks of other speakers.
My family background
I have a Wife who is an Engineer and two daughters- One is doing her Chartered Accountancy article-ship with Earnst and Young,a Chartered Accountant Firm and will give her C.. Final exams in 2014. My younger daughter is studying in class 8 in Delhi.
Besides my wife and kids my Parents are there. My Father is a retired senior Indian Revenue Service Officer and my Mother who is double M.A. and a Religious and Motivational Speaker.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The Education System in India needs to be overhauled extensively as we need to make this more job/market oriented. If a student studies for 15 years till graduation (12 Years in School and 3 Years in College) then the minimum the system should ensure is that the student should be employable with the knowledge that he gains from this 15 years of education.
In my own small way I am trying to achieve this through our skilling company where we are trying to impart employment oriented courses to students making them job and market ready.
Further we need to make our system more open to encourage innovative way of thinking so that students are encouraged out of the box rather than trying to get good marks by rote.
Brief description about me
I am a chartered accountant and then a Law graduate from Delhi University and the did PG Diploma(MBA) in Foriegn Trade from the Indian Foreign Trade Institute(IFTI),New Delhi.
I am also a Rotarian- Past President of Rotary Club and a Public Speaker.

Presently I am also a Promoter Director in a vocational skilling company -"Lok Bharti Skilling Solution Pvt.Ltd." and trying to help in the skilling of young India.
I am also a Promoter Director in a multi-functional consulting company- 'Smart Head Strategy Solutions Pvt.Ltd." where we advice SMEs and Mid size Corporates about strategy, human resource, financing, taxation both direct and indirect, information n technology issues, ERP Selection and Implementaion, Debt structuring,marketing etc. We also help in India entry strategy for foreign companies wanting to enter India.
Besides this I am also a Director in few Reality development companies where we develop both Residential and Commercial properties in the National Capital of Delhi.
Important decision
some of the most important decisions that I have made along the Way are :-
1. Becoming a self-employed Professional :- It was a graet learning experience where I could put my education and knowledge to creat great value both for myself and my clients.
2. To become an Enterprenuer :- The next phase of my journey of life where I became an Enterprenuer was even more interesting as I was able to put all my training and experience as a professional to use in businesses and create value for all the stakeholders.
3. To act as a Mentor and Guide to the Young People :- The other decision of mine to keep helping the young people by becoming their Mentor and Guide has also been of great satisfaction as I am able to share my experience with the younger people to help them learn from my mistakes and achieve higher degree of success.
My role model
Three role models have inspired me a lot and they are Nelson Mandela, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs and I will share how they have inspired me in their own way.

1. Nelson Mandela :- He has shown me how to follow your goal with single minded dedication inspite of all the odds.From him I also learnt how to remain positive in the worst / most adverse of circumstances and still only hate the sin and not the sinner.

2. Warren Buffet :- From Warren Buffet I learned that how by being a practical guy and following the basics of business how much value can be generated. Further, later he also inspired me to help the world and the society by using your wealth to do meaningful charity for the less fortunate of our fellow human beings.

3. Steve Jobs :- He inspired me by proving again and again that how innovative products can be designed and marketed successfully for generation of phenomenal profits and will lead to great value addition for all the stakeholders.
My strongest skill
My strongest professional skills are an analytical mind and strong knowledge of many subjects gathered due to vast reading done.This helps me a lot in my public speaking also as I am able to bring new ideas to the topics I speak on.

I am also good at strategising new business ideas and implementing them. I am also good at creating teams and working with them.
I am a very practical person and so am able to assess a situation very fast and then take quick decisions to address the problem and sometimes find some out of box solutions for these problems.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
To become a successful Leader I think a leader requires these 4 Q's (qualities):-

1. IQ- Intelligence Quotient- You have to be reasonably intelligent as according to me the most intelligent people do not do that well as the reasonably intelligent people do as they are more practical;

2. EQ-Emotional Quotient- You have to have good team building abilities as alone you cannot do much. And people only follow those leaders who are high on emotional bonding as they are able to motivate people in a more holistic way.

3. PQ- Patience & Perseverance Quotient:- Things happen in life but they take time to happen, so as a leader you have to have patience and perseverance to achieve results. Even good teams take time to jell, perform and produce results.

4. AQ- Adverse Quotient :- "When the going gets tough the Tough get going". This old proverb is the litmus test of a good leader as he never gets bogged down by adverse circumstances and with patience and planning he tides over the problems.
Initiative to develop a country
As professionals some of the things we can do to help India become a developed country are :-
1. Enter Public Life :- Some of us need to enter the public life so that we can help create the right policy framework so that in India merit rules over everything else.

2. Be Ethical :- If we pay our taxes honestly and ask our associates and clients to pay taxes then it will be a great economic help to the country.
3. Be Socially Responsible Citizens-Further if we take up some social cause which is of interest to us and then create some social awakening about that issue like - environmental protection, corruption, corporate governance, education of the under privileged, water conservation, etc.
We have to be the change that we want to see in our society and we cannot wait for another Mahatma Gandhi to come and do that for us.
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