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Sandeep Khurana
Sandeep Khurana

Sandeep Khurana

Businessman/CEO C-Destination Pvt. ltd.



Sandeep Khurana is a member of:

Initiative to develop a country
Any Indian Businessman should take his success side by side with the vision of progress to his country by means of empowering the youth and providing them a better space to prove his talent and mind power in their Business and prevent them to work for the other countries.The business man should provide a good working environment for his team and encourage the youth and train them to deploy technology in the tasks which not only pays towards the growth of the company he/she is working for,but also encourage and inspire the others thus contributing to the growth of whole society and ultimately the Growth.With the Growth of a company,the resources for the nation also grows and it became an asset for the society and thus contributes to the economic and social growth of al the surroundings.A businessman should always take care for the training and updation of his employees by providing with the best of the technologies available and thus creating an invaluable assets for his co n fr country
Couple of years from now
An entrepreneur with a couple of retail outlets and Service centers with multiple brands.
Trying to achieve a Franchise model Retails setup for some selective Premium Brands under one Roof .
My family background
Came from a service Class Educated Family with my Father as a Center Govt retired Senior Officer from food Corporation of india,Mother as a House wife,Wife as a Post Graduate Computer science Professor, Elder brother Working for Fidility India in bangalore,one elder sister married to a Businessman in Haryana.blessed with a 7 Year old Charming daughter "samrita" and a Five Year old Naughty 881984 handsome son "Sahaj"
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A broad Vision and a chain of strategic steps to achieve his pre-fixed Goal with a flexibility and openness towards the approach.

Not to forget, an ethical Business equation with transparency in the organizational system and a clear intention and power to take each and everybody altogether towards the Achievement of the goal.Courage and plan to share the success amongst the co-fellows and the Team.also, open to adptation of technology and use of IT towards the strategic growth of the business.
My strongest skill
My obsession to deliver the best services, which will go a long way giving definite shape to career of the youth.
My strengths is the dynamic team of professionals who are B.E.’s,’s, M.Sc, M.C.A. and software Engineers working in a very friendly but professional environment.
we believe in "catch them young" while hiring our Team bcause the youth has the power of innovative thinking and ideas and enthusiasm to prove themselves.My ability to choose the right manpower and personal skill training of the Team takes us ahead of our competitors.
When a customer needs help, we are always available.To help our customers in the most unexpected emergency needs ,we managed to have one dedicated telephone line with a backup of 24hrs telephonic customer support.
we understand the value of our commitments and so is the confidence of the customer towards our service and words.
Important decision
choosing and consistently partnering with the PC giant HP india since last 11 years and entering into the Retails business with isolated and exclusive retails of HP across Haryana backed by a central management office in Rohtak help us to coordinate and thus focus on the growth more precisely and in a organized way than any other competitors.
Brief description about me
I am a Dynamic 31 Year old Young entrepreneur,Honored with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Reg.Eng.College,Haryana who served Govt. of India as a Value added Engineer in VSNL-tata Enterprises and entered into my Own IT business in year 2002 with a small office in Rohtak But with a very broad Vision to achieve something Big in the field Of IT.I strongly believe that "proper Planning prevents poor Performance" and a strategic approach with little little steps consistently takes you to the Long Journey and a successful Milestone.Any Service/job may not be able to give me the chance to prove my abilities,so i started the Business with a small Co. c-Destination Pvt. ltd. reaching to an annual trade Turnover of More than 100 crores and we are continuously working on it to make it crossing 200 crores in next few years.C-destination has entered in the 11th year of excellence. One thing still remains unchanged is its obsession to deliver the best services.We believe in accent of Quality
Important lesson learned
Always value the relations and value the time.You never know what time it will come back to you.
If people have given you hundred reasons to Cry,show them the courage that you have been blessed with thousand reasons to cherish.
Love Yourself and Believe in Yourself, if u wont then who else will ?
enjoy each of your moment with the best u can and leave everything other to the God Almighty as he always have a better plan for you than your plans.
Ensuring success
Deploying more and more use of IT in the office processes.
Backed by a strong operational Team at the back-end and a young and Enthusiastic Team at the Front sales delivering the Best to the clients well in time to the market.
ensuring the Coordination between the Demand -supply and stock to the trade with best efforts to serve the best of the Technolgy and products with minimal time to the customers.
Strongly believe that something good is just to happen that keeps us going in a growing pace.
More about myself
Thanx for your concern towards your interest in the small town Boy story apart from the Big Shots in the metro cities.
My achievements
1.Recognized By Zee TV and awarded with the Best retail outlet in Upcountry in Year 2005 for our faridabad ansal's Crown plaza retail.
2. Awarded by the title of " Emerging entrepreneur in haryana" by Dainik Bhaskar News group.
3. Won " fastest growing HP world"partner in Haryana by HP india Ltd.
4. Socially recognized in Group of Events including St John Ambulance 5. society(red Cross india) for contribution towards the growth of society
6. politically active as the State gen Secretary for Tranmool congress (T.M.C.) Youth ,haryana and successfully conducted a rally comprising of more than 1 lakh people in one time at rohtak under the guidance of Dr.K.D.Singh (Parbhari,North India,T.M.C and Honble member of Rajyasabha and successful Businessman(Alchemist Group )
7. started a Polytechnic college with 14 acres campus Area and admission strength of more than 1200 students under various technical courses at Ratangarh,Sonipat gohana State highway,hHaryana
Degree that I recommend
B.Engg (Electronic and communications) Passed out in Year 2001
P.G.D.M (Finance) from SIML,Pune.
Influenced by
Every young indian who had laid his own success story without the help of his family either it is Master blaster Sachin tendulkar who had achieved a lot with the minimum help, Or it Is Dynamic Dr. k.D. Singh (m.P.)who is a role model for every young indian.

Every young Fellow who is exploring the best in himself and has the dedication to serve the society on the way simultaneously to achieve his own Goals inspire me.
My role model
Dr. k.D. singh who started his career by borrowing rs. 20000 from a bank and has now an empire worth millions of dollars and at the same time is a low profile,sophisticated business man doing his duties towards the society and the victims of social injustice and balancing his life with a portfolio as a member of Rajyasabha and T.M.C. head,north india and yet very polite and Humble..each move of this man has inspired me in each way .what a Well balanced growth and profiling of this man.hatts off to dr. k.D. Singh.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
educational system in india is at a very risky stage where the private self centered people are entering into this due to the flaws in the Govt.policies and thus commercializing the whole system ultimately affecting the Quality of the Youth.The professional colleges are run by the cash-rich no experienced people and a big threat to the system is the distance Education facility for the Technical courses.
The measures to be adopted are proper scrutinizing the people entering into the educational systems , more and more vigilance on the methods adopt in the institutions along with the technolgical adaptation and training of the people running these institution by the govt to empower them to provide the Global techniques in educating the students and centralizing the whole system under one roof rather than the state agencies and Boards and central boards and different -different platforms and adaption of Global techniques and use of IT enablement from the primary schooling system.
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