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Ask Rakesh Singh for Advice
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Rakesh Singh
Rakesh Singh

Rakesh Singh

Operations Manager

Syenergy Environics Ltd

Current job profile
With major experience in HR and Admin positions in my previous employments , now I am taking care of the operations team , as the team leader I am responsible for the complete work from assigning engineers for projects then getiing it completed and then finalising the report of the work done. Also to coordinate with our accounts team to get raise the bill and get it delivered to the client.
Advice to upcoming professionals
I am Being still in the learning phase , still what all I have learned can be the advice to the new proffessionals comming into job market is only this that there is always a scope of improvement and learning never ends, so always try to improve one self with new knowledge.
Helping to develop the country
If you are working in any Indian company then it is our great responsibility to deliver the best possible quality of what ever we do (Production of goods, service , support staff work) it will give your company a good edge over the competion from MNC's and will improve your career as well. I somebody is working in MNCs then we also we should do our best so that th name Indian employees has earned internationaly will become more and more famous and will make our work force iunreplacable human resource for any oranisation. internationaly.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
I always try to hire people much more higer IQ level than mine, so that they bring more innovation which I had already applied in my work.
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