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Raju B Kuppelur
Raju B Kuppelur

Raju B Kuppelur

Manager - IT

Natural Remedies


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Insights of Your Company
We are a manufacturer of herbal veterinary medicines, feed supplements and herbal bulk drugs.
Views on Cloud and Virtualization
Cloud -
Cloud technology is one of the good concept, where as one can access the data virtually from anywhere globally. Most of the organizations are adopted the Cloud technology but still SMEs are worrying about the safety and security of the data, so SMEs are not ready to adopt the cloud technology.

Virtualization / Consolidation -
Virtualization will help in terms of reducing the hardware maintenance cost, increasing the space utilization in Data Center, optimum utilization of power and dedicate the hardware resources by allocating the processors & memory to the respective application as per the requirement, which will not impact on another application during the upgrades or any changes to be made. We have adopted this technology around 2 years back and we are able to manage the Servers on different OS platform very well without any problem. We can deploy multiple OS technologies on a single hardware platform and can be shared and allocated to different application requirement.

Overall advantage of server virtualization will improve the efficiency of the Data Center and will reduce the cost of ownership in great extent.
Keeping Pace with New Technologies
I go through the IT Next magazine and Technology news on internet to update my knowledge on IT.
Team Size
We are 5 members team with different designation for each one acts as Administrator, MIS Executive, Web Co-ordinator for taking care of all the organization wide websites and portals and one IT Assistant for documentation support. As a an IT Manager I will be managing IT department.
Biggest Pain Point
There is nothing like biggest pain point which cannot be solved but in the present trend of technology evolution, there will be constant changes; so today’s requirement will be different from tomorrow’s. As such, it keeps changing frequently. Due to this adopting the technology for the particular function will be difficult.
Technology to Address Pain Points
Off course, technology will always help to resolve the business pain points to a great extent. For example, just 3 months back we were facing the problem with our newly implemented ERP application during our implementation stage and post implementation stage. Ultimately the Vendor has taken care to some extent to overcome the pain points which are business related and provided the appropriate solution for the same.
Challenges Faced
There are lots of challenges in the current scenario to secure the information due to continuous change in the trend of technology; security is the major concern for any organization due to Cloud technology. Due to security concern, so many organizations are not willing to adopt the cloud technology. Nevertheless, we are using Cyberoam as UTM.
Expenses on IT
Approximately 50 to 60 lakhs will be the average, but during this year (2012-13) we have spent more than the budget due to ERP implementation.
Expansion of IT Budget
At present there is no plan to increase the IT budget.
ROI on Technological Investment
It is difficult to calculate the ROI on technological investment in manufacturing organization, whatever calculation will be based on assumptions or theories only. But definitely we can calculate the ROI on business point of view for the specific period.
IT Leader - Manager or Technologist
IT leader should be a Technologist first; the managerial capability will come by experience.
Relationship Between a CIO and a CEO
The CEOs always wants their CIOs to be visionary and to understand whole business activities of the organization to think and create an IT path for the organization. So definitely the CIO should work like a partner to a CEO instead of just an employee.
Advice or Suggestions
To deliver the best as a CIO, one needs to understand the complete business functionalities of the organization.
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