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Ask Rajkishor Laki for Advice
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Rajkishor Laki
Rajkishor Laki

Rajkishor Laki



Challenges facing by students
First Of All I Think The biggest challenge by student is the gain of experience for fresher than handle the company's environment with seniour and other member of company after taking gain of experience shifted very well at the desired position or responsible position at the time of training done the word for many hours because problem will accured for fresher when join the company so these the many biggest challenge facing by the studente when he is fresher with no experience after completing the graduation or any degree or diploma
Spare time activities
my hobies is listening songs,playing cricket,talking with our friends and walking at morning and evening so these are my hobies and activies to enjoy in your spare time
Most flourishing college experience
my college experince are my specialization electronics & communication engineering
First Job Expectation
first is my confidence,second is my knowledge and third or last is my communication skill
Most influenced factor
To work in a stimulating environment where I can apply and enhance my knowledge, skill to serve the firm to the best of my
Favorite Books and Articles
My last non academic book or article is the ramcharit manas written by the greatest poeter mahakavi tulsidas in the pevious year and impact of the academic book or article is the true(trouthness) was winnea and at present it also winner and always winner in future
Family Background
my family backgroud is the middle class family,my father is the government teacher and my cusion sister is government teacher and second sister is cashier in government bank
My uniqueness
the deeply mark in my face that is unique or remarkable about me
Additional information
• Internet , M.S. Office.
• Familiar with Microsoft word and Windows 7/XP.
the basic knowledge of these words is additonal information or comment would i like to share
Career Expectations
very hard study and seriousness is the occurring in my field of study during the next few years
Favorite subject
my strongest subject is basic knowledge of electronics(EC) because when i read this subject it feel very good and batter because this subject is branch subject
View s for better India
for the development of nation i increse the schools and colleges that why all boys and girls will come to school and read that why almost 98% candidate will educated so development of nation is almost incresed
Time Management
i decide the scheduling time almost time i take for my study and other time wasted in playing and walking and talking with friends
Most proud accomplishment
my confidence are accomplishment which i proud of because if the person have confidence on itself than he can done every things and any things believe in that
About Myself
my name is Rajkishor Laki and i born at 12sep 1992 in Agra ,My father is government teacher ,i pass the high school in 2007 with 63% and the intermediate with with 62% at these time i learn the basic knowledge of computer than i appeared the intrance exam with 80,000 ranke so i join S.I.T Farah Mathura With branch Electronics & Communication Enginner My hobby is playing cricket,listening songsand strenth is My Confidence and weakness is my emotion ,Thank You
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