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Rajesh Dube
Rajesh Dube

Rajesh Dube

Management Consultant

Management Consultant


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Growth Prospect in marketing
For a marketing person to be successful is basically his/ her capability to constantly get business for any orgainsation from the TG market that the organisation is seeking. Big break throughs get him/ her big break throughs in their career keeing in mind that he/ she also takes the team along and is able to sell himself/ herself to the people in the organisation who command scheme of things.
Importance of sales
Sales is a function of paramount importance. On its success depends the success of any organisation. Every act in this process carries weight because it reflects the organisations culture and practices in what ever a sales person does as he represents the organisation the the external world specifically focussing on the Tg market and channels.
The marketing is the most dynamic stream in any organisation. The Organisation's other streams do not have to change so swiftly as this stream does. It has to be innovative, have strong trust worthy people in the team, access the prospective customers in the most innovative ways and give them a feeling of WOW at any point of time. Beat the customers expectation is the mantra of any marketing campaign or design.
Although such a situation has never occurred in my career with my teams so far that they loose all their hopes. A good officer's first and most important trait is that the Officer has to be always self motivated and strong to face any situation and empowered to the extent that he/ she takes a decision on their own which is best suited to the Organisation. Even in the worst situation we can win if we are best prepared and keep ourselves vigil and strong.
For any organisation the real branding happens only by delivery of its services. There is never a short cut to creating a brand and even if its created by spending money it will not last if we do not delver what we say. Yes, for sure if we build a strong brand by working harder and smartly then it really gives a big advantage it getting huge business with speed.
Recommended Courses and Certification
A basic degree in any discipline of a person's liking and topped up with a management skill building program. Real certification only when a person is able to use these skills in the field.
Importance of 4ps
These are the foundation for any marketing strategy and action plan. It is over this that you keep making different strategies.
Importance of STP
It saves on time and approach directly the potential TG market. This home work really helps in best time management and speed in converting business from potential customers.
Future trend
The customer wants best of facilities / products / services/ features with least of expenses. So its is tricky to sell in today's dynamic and well read market crowd at the same time interesting too.
Marketing is stratagising and Selling is delivery and execution.
Brief yourself
My basic schooling got completed from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu and I did my Post Graduation in Management from BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan, with specialization in MIS. I started my career by joining an IT Firm based out Kolkata in the year July,1986. After working for almost an year I got an opportunity to join up with HDFC Ltd. I worked with them for over 20 years. I excelled in the assignments allotted to me, core expertise being in business development and operations management. I also completed a few interesting assignments for the benefit of the entire organisation. I moved out of HDFC to join Arcil, Mumbai being part of their team selected for creating business plan of their Retail arm and its launch. I was responsible for the tasks in Corporate Communication, Selection of best in class vendors for businsss process and IT operations creations, Business Acquisition. After around two years I moved out to persue my keen interest in serving social platforms.
What can be achieved
The marketing person can strive to reach up to COO / CEO level based on the competencies they can develop.
Importance of On line marketing
Clearly depends upon the type of product or service you want to sell and the TG market. It is a very important channel to source business and manage the same. It is most convenient for the customer too and saves on time, manpower and other resources for any organisation if structured and implented well.
Suggestions to aspirants
Have very strong product and market segment knowledge of the sector they are in. Expertise in designing innovative marketing plans which can be implemented to best serve the TG market in a given situation. they must be measurable both qualitatively and quantitatively which will help a great deal in deciding in future action plans.
Just be in regular practice of using the great tool "GOOGLE" and be abreast with knowledge in their field of interest covering all aspects, social, economical, market behaviour, product knowledge, marketing tools and marketing strategies.
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