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Rajaram Bojji
Rajaram Bojji

Rajaram Bojji

Research Gravity Power

Atri Knowledge Embedded Infrastructure Lab P ltd.,

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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Born to Dr Subbannachar and Manjulabai , in a small hut,near Yellamanchili an official residence those days in 1945, providing medical service moving on a bi-cycle, enjoyed a wonderful childhood with never a harsh word uttered at home, following Madhwa tenets, made me soft spoken & quietly studious.
Growth Strategy:
An inner fire kept going within me to produce at least one idea or solution which never existed in the world before every year of my working life. The creativity and the excitement of doing something out of the ordinary infused my teams with energy making every day an exciting one.
Done Differently:
Even though a venerable scientist told me I did a mistake in choosing India, still perhaps, opportunities I got to influence lives of thousands , improve living conditions of many and produce many a leader who now head some prestigious projects make me think, I would still start on the same path
The Journey So Far:
After leaving IIT/KGP , joined Indian Railway Service. Over 35 yrs rose to be MD of Konkan Railway, which I also constructed. Eight years of Research in RDSO, and decades of working railway life, produced many a patent and world wide recognition for India by Intl.Journals ,Nat Geo & Discovey too.
Working Life Management:
For me life and work are synonymous because I enjoyed work as life! Question of balance never arose. The rough sketches I do at home some times on ground involved family and children too! Even experiments with GPS I made it a game with my grandson in N Mumbai to innovate a new theory. It is just fun
Role Model:
Honestly speaking, must admit I just lived the way I wanted to live and did not have any role model to emulate. But Lives of Newton, Albert Einstein did make me see their emotional struggles in their times.Day to day basis Bhajagovindam of Sankaracharya reminded daily my place in universe.
Degrees That Matter:
To develop original Indian enterprise management and operationally real time controlling wide area networked system of KR, as Director sought and got myself certified for IEEE certifications for software design and development in 1994. But now you agree no more certification needed.
Other Thoughts:
The most important experience I would like to share is that so long as government is not involved, innovations will succeed. Again innovation & creativity will survive if the technology is denied for import where government is involved. But other areas, govt kills creative persons.
Job Profile:
Now I am retired having held Chief Engineer, Director(Projects) and CMD &MD posts of Konkan Railway. Enjoyed the confidence placed by the government and the power that allowed me to do good. Now I have a small one man research outfit by my name sake in USA pursuing gravity power towers.
The Decisions That Matter
I believed technology is the way we should make human life better at lower costs. All my research effort, though private, not mandated by job, producing more than a dozen patents internationally, I voluntarily donated to the nation, in the belief people should benefit.Hope I am right.
Advice For New Professionals:
It is wonderful life if you truly enjoy the frontiers of knowledge, with a free liberated mind, unafraid to tread new paths, and be bold to absorb some failures too. But the supreme ecstasy of being at the frontier with fresh exciting thoughts blowing your mind off is the reward.
Plans For The Future:
Hope to see my first gravity Power House generating the eco-friendly eternal energy from kinetic energy of moving sea waters. Economic and capable of paying back capital in 5 years, it can redefine human life and arrest substantially global warming. Dream? I don't think so. ASCE /WIPO recognise.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I had started an innovative Chitanya programme in KR, where in the cognitive processes of kids of 3 months to 5 years were covered. Since brain development is 99% complete before 5 years of age, involving social scientists, psychologists and medical persons a special programme covered 1000 families.
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