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Rajah Cornelius
Rajah Cornelius

Rajah Cornelius

Country Manager

Al Islami Foods-Dubai Co-op Society


Rajah Cornelius is a member of:

My role model
My Bosses are my role models.Be better than the best.Learn from others,Learn from experiences,Raise your standards and educate your subordinates giving them an opportunity to emulate so that you keep setting your standards High..Always believe in improvement as a continual process.
Degree that I recommend
Business Finance
My strongest skill
Sales/Marketing/Plans and Strategies/Negotiations/Supply chain management/Business units as profit centers
My achievements
Market share metrics/Quick business turn overs/Turnaround in profitability/Business Processes/Restructuring and aligment of organisation structure and objectives for greater output.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education/Experience/Expertise to evolve on a integrated platform .An Integrated Education system essential to produce high networth individuals has to be created.Theory and practice has to join hands in our education system.
Couple of years from now
Being a Part of a Multi national food and service provider having distinct goals for Business and Humanity
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
One quality I think drives a matrix of qualities to be a successful leader is Passion to emulate.
The greater authority you demand,The greater responsibility you undertake,the greater accountability you set and the sheer passion to do things right with a clear understanding of Human behavioral complexities and needs sets you apart as a leader.As a leader you have to gain credibility on what you do and be trustworthy on how you do it.
Initiative to develop a country
Education in general provides a base but not the means to grow or develop our Nation.Graduation again only refines a person to absorb the knowledge base.But its all about rejecting or avoiding unfair practices in the system,belief in self worth,identification of true inner potential and a clear passion for doing things the fair way which will help our Country.I believe more of Idealistic principles/thoughts/values has to be strongly built into our education system and professional job roles to be undertaken, as it will leave our country with high aggregate of highly satisfied ,Happy and performing networth individuals who can build our nation and society on core values essential for core output.
Brief description about me
A Sales and Marketing Professional with a keen eye on operational and business profitability.
Ensuring success
Have Set realistic targets and have set a distinct vision and action plan for my professional and personal growth and family as the core of life through whom I impact the society.
Influenced by
Mother ,The accolades she received as recognition for her professional work and the plausible ease with she balanced her professional and personal life giving it the time and energy it needed and hence her influence on me.
My family background
Father-Chief Librarian,Mother a doctorate and pioneer scientist in the field of Agriculture in India.Wife a Dentist
Important decision
Stick to basics and the education that I received that helped me to naturalise into the roles that I play now in my professional career.
Important lesson learned
Self realization of inadequacies is the key lesson I learnt which helped me set realistic goals and gave my passion the wanton filip.

Understood Honesty/Integrity/Hardwork adds value with time as it provides satisfaction in life which helps to keep the drive and purpose in life.

Acceptance of what life has given and a clear importance and understanding of human relations, has provided me invaluable lessons giving me the tools in life to improvise and emulate.
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