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Ask Raj Tripathi for Advice
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Raj Tripathi
Raj Tripathi

Raj Tripathi

Project Manager

HCL Technologies Ltd.


Raj Tripathi is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I belongs to family of four including me, Mother , father and younger sister.
My father is journalist, Sister is a doctor and Mother is a home maker. My parents are settled in my home town however my sister is in Bangalore. The value of education has been prime.
Role Model
My Role model is Thomas Alva Edison, reason being he kept on doing things irrespective of caring about the result his perseverance and never say die attitude mesmerized me.
Areas for the Future
The areas of specialization would be SOA, cloud and integrated lean with six sigma would be the call of industry. Toll based testing would be catch as it will help in reducing the cost and have the optimization of the goal for the project
The Journey So Far
I started my professional carrer with HP in the year 2005 and was part of F&A and SAP support, later in 2006 I had joined HCL TECH since them am with HCL.
In HCL I staretd as Business nalaysrt for Investment banking , Business Process Management, Lean and Six sigma Analyst, Currently Project Manager
Plans for the Future
I would be implementing BPM as core value with best practices sharing in the organization . Would also be handling a valid work force to deliver the best to client.
Most Important Decisions
The first decision to move to Investment Banking from f&A and has been proved good.
Today's era according to me is Jack of all trades, I have made decision of travel On site quite often to render the services to client and it has caused some time not so fruitful appraisal but i feel learning is imp
Points of inflection
Choosing the project as per my skill st and make those as core.
Working with client at their place had given opportunity to gain global knowledge. and In an organization where verticals has no boundaries has ample opportunity bring the learning curve up and groom an Entrepreneur.
Required Reading
Testing extreme Programming and for beginners Automated Software testing - introduction, management and performance.
Most Important Lessons
Hard work always pays off but need to be smartly present and done. Today's world we deal with client who are present globally / overseas hence conveying what one do is most important, Saving cost and implementing innovation is the key but the back bone will remain same is COMMUNICATION.
A Fine Balance:
i do call up my family friends once a day and get up early morning to go for walk and exercise at park. Over the weekends i do mediatation and meet some people if possible.
Degrees that Matter
Testing or QA can be started after the bachelor's degree, but i wouild recoomend to finish atleast one GB project and undergo Black belt program for Lean and six sigma..Its more on teh pratice and work.
Parting thoughts
Indeed its a protal where professional have opportunity to gain and share knowledge.
Changes in the industry
It has chnge drastically as most of the manual tasks has been replaced by auto testing , the scope has widen and now ample opportunity are there to n improve on. Each day new application are launching with new set of data hence one can keep exploring areas to work and improve on.
Essential Advice
Start with Product or Service based testing for example in investment banking several application testing on the trades flow can be good to gain in depth and industry knowledge go from manual to Auto would be key. Ask why do we need and its implications then move to Methodology understanding to optz
Tech trends to watch out for
One has to be flexible in terms of working across products and in industry market and companies are going from their conventional approach in fact targeting what comes in the way so for example Indian IT companies are now having verticals fro health domain, Software, BPO, Aviation, Banking, Info sys
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