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Radha Krishna Kandadai
Radha Krishna Kandadai

Radha Krishna Kandadai

Sr Manager HR & Operations

I3 Software


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HR Strategies in Place in your Company
Established in 1997 and headquartered at Iselin, New Jersey, DCM Group Inc., d/b/a i3 Software is a global IT solutions, services and consulting company. We are a product development company on Insurance domain and also IBM Premium business partners provides various solutions in Enterprise Management besides Microsoft technologies across all the verticals and are focused on delivering world class, custom built, state of the art solutions, on-time, and on-budget.

There were lot of strategic initiatives that I have taken care in the current company since last 2 years in the following areas:
Statutory compliance, Employment offers/notice periods/recruitments team/performance appraisal/building organization culture-mapping core competencies with organization KPAs/Rewards and Recognition program/travel policy issues/employee satisfaction surveys/quality management systems.
We do believe in creating a better work environment by way of providing flexi work hours. We do have employee relationship management in developing good relationships around the floor.

Today trends seen in HR
Companies are definitelyconstantly engaged in retaining valuable employees and attracting new talent. Optimal utilization of resources and providing better work environment along with Job security, automation of processes in small business. HR Business/Strategic partner role is increasing that gives impetus to the handle business challenges. OD Initiatives has been improving with is paying attention to social needs of individuals apart from addressing diversity issues.
Difficulties in Planning Human Resource in an ever changing business
Starting from planning man power ahead is subjected to anticipation of possibilities, so this needs absolutely thorough analysis depending upon good research data available with us
Possibilities of risk involved in losing a committed and talented resources available and high risk of hiring of similar talent within the time frame depending on the competition that we have in the market.
Focus of manager in terms of resource management and resource engagement is increasing which might be a difficulty tasks within as per the needs as proactive strategies also needs to be planned ahead.
Creating a better work places looking into the competition around and also our business needs / limitations within.

HR Relationship with the CEO
HR should be treated as a business strategic partner by the CEO’s then a recruitment cell. CEOs should have open doors for HR and always discuss issues related to Culture /OD, HR cost; help HR to build business cases and employees welfare. Participation of HR in all the meetings/should be part of PMO to facilitate required output by the management.
HR Professional should focus their energies in building their abilities constructively selling their HR Initiatives with the management and for these CEOs should encourage empowerment within.

Biggest Pain Point
Today’s generation of new talent; there is a decline in committed people who hold high integrity and ethical values. People are running for fast bucks, sincerity is lacking where candidates are holding multiple offers and play around with the employers.
Management at times ignores HR and they are the last bunch of people to be empowered. HR Team training is ignored and expects wonders with the least knowledge HR has, this kind of scenarios are evident in small to mid-size organizations or probably their individual restricted roles.

HR Strategies in Place in your Company
No false promises, Avoid favoritism; avoid confrontation; avoid gossip  but I believe motivation of 1 employee should be inspiration for the other to fellow but not like only Sachin is batting so the 14th man can stay back going unnoticed.  Rewarding an employee shall be a ceremony to celebrate and know what it takes to achieve an award and set examples.
One on one meeting with employees who have the ability to perform better but need guidance and mentoring.
HR Connect programs that helps and employee to comfortably raise their concerns and HR initiatives to help the one in needy.
On occasions I do bring in surprises in store to bring in employee delight.

Some of the leadership development programs being held & results obtained
Usually I recommend my model that I have developed ‘LEGAL Cycle”: Learn –Earn-Guide/Groom and Lead. This is held once in a half year for identification of leads and execution of this program. This has definitely helped young talent to start thinking at the conceptual levels.
Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level
This is based on tenure on title of employment and also performance driven backed with commitment and sincerity/loyalty of the employee to explore all possibilities of career growth within the organization.
Recruiting & retaining the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they really ambitious
Based on our Retention policy in place, retaining of employees does happen on case to case basis.

Recruitment's as said above we are very clear about the following Commitment, Sincerity, and Personal Philosophy of his life, Business Focus, Personal Impact, flexibility; ambition and Organizational fitment.

Different Qualities looking while hiring people
Commitment, Sincerity, Personal Philosophy of his life, Business Focus, Personal Impact, flexibility; ambition and drive. Organizational fitment
Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture
My organization has a clear retention policy that I have designed which runs on 5 objectives which are also aligned with the organization culture. So by  Engaging Gen Y-Leadership we make sure employees don’t just resign and discuss their concerns then people are retained which happens from time to time but Gen- Y is encouraged to see bigger picture for themselves in terms of exposure that they can gain and the growth prospects within. Respective managers are encouraged to closely monitor the career needs of each individual.
Annual reviews are followed by career development program meetings of individual employees with HR.
Organization Culture works on core values and runs on the principles laid down but also welcomes the changing generation expectations and aspirations which is connected to our feedback loop.
Gen-Y Leaders are encouraged to know the concepts of what an organization culture means and to participate in organization development through awareness programs.

Attrition Management: Retaining vs. fresh hiring
Our retention policy that I have designed does address fresh hiring’s.
All said our HR Philosophy stands on 2 pillars
1. To meet the career aspirations of the candidate and 2. Long term relationships.
Whenever we are hiring we make sure to communicate our expectations very clearly with the candidates and also avoid reality shocks by the new hires.

Promotional techniques work best & reason behind it
All promotions are based on tenure on title and performance levels [Slow, Medium & Fast track] on tenure on title. As tenure on title will assure the organization long term commitments, confidence and also it helps to balance the performance of an individual as per the organization needs; definitely addressing career aspirations of the individuals thereon.
Keeping in line with Changing Workplace Culture
A lot has been talked about in the market but culture is something, In today’s fast moving generation If change is inevitable than It’s a challenge to change innate culture of already existing organization because of its fundamental practices and then designing a framework of culture to bring in the fundamental practices in line with changing business needs or industry standards and potential employees expectations.

 I don’t know if all experts do address this the way I am thinking that “If culture is an evolved human capacity in the form of experience to act imaginatively and creatively and connecting the human capacity that has distinct ways that the people living in different parts, than our HR focus should address human capacity to the changing dynamics of business operations.

It’s good to see organizations are giving due importance to diversity and social responsibility issues.

There is surly great amount of exposure that has happed over the past that makes an average employee different today. Average employee’s awareness has been growing lot in terms of dynamic changes in technology. An individual is able to exhibit skills and talents because of opportunities around but they lack discipline/commitments and sincerity towards their work. Respect is replaced by the so called attitude of I know everything. Organization politics is always an area that is paid less attention.
Our social stigma has to be changed that It’s not the size of the organization that we work matters but it’s about what we have learnt and what we can deliver.

Concept of being suspicious while hiring new talent is on high rather than investigating to find a right match to the requirement, this means to say that we are soon forgetting the meaning of Trust. This of course happens because of market for the talent who gets swayed away with external factors.

At times Increasing work culture of dependency on the resource which slows down the whole process in place due to lack of right resources.

It’s a responsibility of organization and the potential talent to make note of few important points in working scenarios. Organization needs to encourage positivity’s around the workplace by being cautious about the changes and also the potential talent also needs to be aware of his/her skills and also take career as a serious thing. Do not make their first jobs to be a short sail. Do not compromise on developing on fundamentals. Believe in themselves and do not commit what he/she cannot deliver. Job offer is nice to have but it’s not nice to job shop.

Attract good people, retain the better people and advance the best people
It's the duty of HR to make sure their first impressions are best impressions. HR should understand the organization culture very well along with understanding of the requirement. First most important quality of HR is that they start believing in the existing culture if it does not happen then we are not selling our organization well, some of the HRs works with Referent power- Ex: I am from Google/Infosys/IBM but still they should be know their organization very well, so that they can spread the good message around in the market. Lot of sales learning happens for HRs who are working for non-branded companies.

It's very important to know the push(s) and pull(s) of the potential talent.

It is very important to qualify the candidates properly as per your requirements. Spread the awareness of the best practices within the organization to our existing talent pool and also outside world potential talents.

Have simple strategies but do not make false promises; do not preach what you do not follow.
Advice/ suggestions to fellow HRs
We all need to understand that everybody works under limitations and hence HRs should very well assimilate this concept; it is easy to work in Google but it's difficult to create goggle within your organizations, try hard to sell your ideas to the management before implementing it. I heard a lot that HRs have loads of attitude and if it’s so, than do not show where it is not needed. Being humble is a very big asset. Hold your patience and Improve your knowledge base; sharpen your conceptual skills, being cost conscious; Develop people management skills, Business focus, personal impact, performance management, code of conduct practices are important attributes of being a good HR Professional which industry requires a lot.
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