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Ask Pronojit Singh for Advice
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Pronojit Singh
Pronojit Singh

Pronojit Singh

Sr. UI Engineer.


Brief description about me
I am currently working with ESPN[bangalore] as a Sr. UI Engineer. As the name itself suggests, I work on the User Interface modules for,,, and more. It has been close to 5 years now since I started my career In the IT sector.

Challenges in job
The most challenging aspect about my work is the fact that the technologies I deal with are constantly changing, even as we speak. That is challenging and interesting at the same time.

Job made easy
Keeping myself updated with the latest in technology, mostly through the internet. I ensure I browse through the technical papers and other tech related blogs to see and understand what the rest of the world is upto.
Upcoming trends
The internet and what we make of it. With the advent of numerous smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices; the way we interact with the web has changed so much and what I see from here,  desktops and laptops will a thing of past in our near future. Hence mobile and other handheld devices will become smarter, more powerful and more efficient which will change the way we understand the internet as of today.

My point of view
It not necessary that we are doing something wrong; but the question is what are we doing right then? Products which are dominating global markets today are not build by engineers alone; there is always a vision and there is always an idea which drives the whole process. I think what we are lacking is innovation. The whole world knows that India has the best minds in this business, but what we lack is a vision and the motivation to pursue it.

Advice for professionals
Everyone of us have our own list of dos’ and don’t and that comes from our experience. I will only say that, hard work pays. Set your goal in life and work hard to earn it. We are bound to commit mistakes and not one but many of them; it is just the way of life, but as long as you learn from our mistakes and never repeat them; you are doing good.
Advice to students
Oh yes actually, I would love to do that. I would like to address this young brigade and tell them that, the world outside the campus is not just difficult but interesting as well. Time and again it has been proved that HARD WORK PAYS! Live your life to the fullest and focus on your goals and once you set your mind into something, nobody can stop you. Never give much importance to what the media says or what your neighbors say, like the market Is not good and the recession and what not, there is always a place for the talented and opportunity is just around the corner.

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