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Ask Pranav Koduri for Advice
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Advice Request
Pranav Koduri
Pranav Koduri

Pranav Koduri

Attended Warangal public school


Career Profile:
my responsbilty is not only to earn but also make my country proud and to generate many jobs xpecially part time jobs which would help ...students who wanted to earn for there needs ...iam one of them .

Plans For The Future:
I dont like to be on top but i feel that i vl the greatest Indian ....make my parents proud.

I say that i vl b one of the top most film director in times .
Growth Strategy:
I observe 2nd side of the world ...keep on browsing ..knowing something knew a day ..reading books.

following actor pawankalyan who inspired me alot .

watching RGV(ramgopal varma top most indian dir)..ramusism and many more.

i keep on growing ............
The Decisions That Matter
I made my perfect plan ...but due to money defecit ...i skip those some of them r

*wanted to make a movie which costs me about 1cr and earns 1000cr .

*Wanted to establish my company which is different from its core.

*My company is not restricted for creativity and random r not based on degree.

*My company designs Automobile & gadget xpecially.

*To provide parttime jobs xpecially.

Advice For New Professionals:
My advice is to love there jobs ..think different b random.

Dont took up strain ...njoying job u do is the secret of success i feel and follow it.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Iam proud of my ideas ..being to different from others .

Helping poor ...main moto is to get them atleast an parttime job
Degrees That Matter:
my ssc,intermediate,btech running .........
Done Differently:
I do something different from wat iam now ...i dont waste time wat i did all these days .Iam 19 now and i feel to b 16yrs old.

being Random and creative is my main moto
Job Profile:
Being random creative ...i hate 9am-6pm job .Because my ideas not restricted on time bases.Being from middle class family iam structed to make up my company ..but ivl make it .

I expecially like mobiles and follow them ..i do my own design's ...if any company approaches me i vl work for them.
Other Thoughts:
Pls promote this website ..there r many creative heads roaming on roads ..i came to know about this beacause of my teacher .... i vl promote it ...
Role Model:
Actor Pawankalyan : I was totally inspired by him and his ideas towards his country.He doesnt care about senseless media who keep on writing baseless rumours.etc

RGV:this guy is different form the core .....i feel that he has answer to every question.
The Journey So Far:
nothing ..but i have an idea i follow them .
Professional Strengths:
designing MObiles ..always thinking of cons of that mobile phone which got released..and following them
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