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Prakash Kumar Rath
Prakash Kumar Rath

Prakash Kumar Rath

Chief Manager(Reservoir)


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Family Background
My father(Late Gopal Rath)was an employee of TISCO, Jamshedpur. From my childhood I stayed in a city where all type of Mega,Macro, Micro industries are there.I studied in schools where maximum Indian languages are available as medium of study.My father's family belonged to Holy town Puri,Odisha and were mainly teachers.My mother(Smt Manoprabha Rath),is from Talcher,Odisha. Talcher is famous for coal mines.

So I got opportunity to know about wealth of the nation:forests, mines(underground ,open cast),different methods of extraction from my school days. My brothers and sisters all are/were in government/private services and business, in departments like forest,Mines,steel, electronics,computer. All members of our family like science and technology and encourage good education to children in areas they are staying .
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I joined in 1985 it was computerization of various activities.Then availability of so many software on engineering problem analysis. Now use of internet .
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I developed useful software, database and used this as solutions to different type of harassment by seniors at different places. The software I developed include pressure loss calculation programs in vertical pipe. Numerical estimation of intersection points of two curves used for nodal analysis in IOGPT. With these programs it was easy to analyse large number of wells with number of parameters for analysis.That time graphical software were not available. At Jorhat I developed reservoir field operation data base using dbase3plus , used the programming environment of the data base software to give interpretation of the data and plots using pen plotter.We could make summary of operations with plots used for analysis in regular interval.At IRS developed software to digitize maps used in reservoir simulation software on a computer by taking scanned image of the maps into the computer and clicking using mouse. Preparing digitized data files of maps become easy with this software.
Advice For New Professionals:
Use internet to get all related information to your profession.Todays search engines(ex:Google) are just like magic wands.You will be able to hit the target.
The Journey So Far:
I joined ONGC in June 1985 as E1 ,the post was known as Assistant Director(Reservoir).

I was posted in Institute of Oil and Gas Production Technology at Mumbai.Worked in different R&D projects. Transferred to Assam in 1989 and then to Rajahmundry in AP in 1993.Worked on different fields in AP. In 2000 I was transferred to Institute of Reservoir Studies, Ahmedabad. I worked here from 2000 to 2014.In 2014 I was transferred to SST,Ankleshwar Asset,Ankleshwar,Gujarat. I work here as E4 ,Manager(Reservoir).
The Decisions That Matter
In ONGC I become a Reservoir Engineer.I found petroleum reservoirs as natural objects where one can find examples of all type of phenomena we study in Physics ,Chemistry. For example we find application of the Gas laws ,Boyles law, Chares law ,Phase equilibrium,Solution theory, Surface tension ,Viscosity, methods of heat propagation conduction,convection,radiation,heat capacities, streamline and turbulent flow and many other phenomenas. The reservoir simulation studies can be compared to study of Universe using modern mathematical simulation.

After becoming member of SiliconIndia I decided to work and write on social problems with my knowledge and experience of working at different places and people of different background.I write on various social problems and publish it as blogs in SiliconIndia.
Career Profile:
I provided data to different research groups in institute of reservoir studies using ongc database(called epinet) and internet communication. Earlier I was working on problems like water control in oil and gas wells in water control research group. I provided input data for different type of analysis carried out and solutions to problems studied in the institute of reservoir studies by different groups using various software and laboratory equipment.In my present posting at Ankleshwar I study reservoirs of areaIII of SST Ankleshwar.
Job Profile:
Studies of Petroleum Reservoirs, Providing data for studies using ongc database and internet communication to different groups at IRS,Ahmedabad.After transfer to Ankleshwar in 2014, posted in areaIII of Sub Surface Team(SST)of Ankleshwar Asset.
Done Differently:
Now we are going for different type of energy so I will do everything differently.
Working Life Management:
I spend enough time to search new items .This keeps a balance when anything comes as a disturbance.
Growth Strategy:
I read comments of people on different topics in Siliconindia. Also when I visit a place I try to think if I can do anything to solve the problems people face.I publish blogs on different topics in Siliconindia. I am also member of Linkedin and Facebook. In Facebook I publish photos of useful solutions . I find Discussions in Anthropology Network (Linkedin)good platform for sharing views on social problems.
Required Reading:
BOOKS: 1)Elements of Petroleum Reservvoirs, NORMAN J. CLARK
2) Basics of Reservoir Engineering, Rene COSSE
3) Integrated Reservoir Studies, Luca COSENTINO
Websites: WWW.SPE.ORG
Degrees That Matter:
B.Tech and M.Sc (for branches see advertisements by ONGC for this post )
Role Model:
World Famous Scientists who are responsible for our developements. Today we find problems like terrorism,corruption,not giving equal status to women rather making their living bad in the society. This type of problems need changes in fundamental thinking of the people.For this we get inspirations from the work of world famous scientists to find where we are going wrong.
Other Thoughts:
I have received following Honors

1)'Author of the year 2008' by India Today Book Club.

2)Certificate and Congratulation letter from Egbert Imomoh 2013 SPE President Recognizing Ten Continuous Years of Membership in the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
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