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Penlift Marketing And Management Services Inc
Penlift Marketing And Management Services Inc

Penlift Marketing And Management Services Inc



Describe your struggle of achieving success
I believe in hard work, perseverance, diligence , good breeding , good moral principle and values as part of significant concept in the development of a good person including spiritusl adpect and influence along with our family values, training and parental influence as part and parcel of a personality character, attitude and optimism as key to scaling up the ladder of success along with education, experience, skills and expertise in one choosrn field of profession and vocation
Decision taken
The important decision is on the selection of a career.and professional focus , mission ,interest and objective to pursue a carreer and profession.that.makes as happy., fulfilled and satisfied.while we are doing it and in doing it with clear conscience toward God.and toward men.and in doung it.we are making a firm mark of our legavy that we have contributed to person and people around us to influence them in pursuit of same goal and objective with regards to thier.carerr.and profession too.
The important lesson i learned in my professional life is thete is no overnight succrss and all come out of firm principle of having continous education, training, experience, skills and development of our expertisre with engament to a constant prayer, meditation, communication.with our beloved creator to givr us wisdom, knowledge, understanding, honor, riches and wealth in the goal and objective to pursue our professional career and profession.
Different from others
business intelligence is significant to every.area of whatevet business details,concept and business decision making as lifeline of every business.endeavor.and business.success.
Your Role
As now mentor.and adviser i opted most of the time.the strategy of business management through business delegation and i assigned one.who will kicked the butt, one who will.tap the shoulder and one who will do the management stewardship and management refocusing.strategy management.and in doing so we are harnesding business acumen potential and at the same time training people on the art of successful management delagation as we believe a good leader train his follower to be better.and best thsn himself
Recommending Specialization
the area of specialization within BI is management information.and research system and market rrsearch including marketing advertisement and promotion as tgesr is the life blood of every business to be equippef to be more market adaptive and market competative
Book and websites
The bible and reading the bible is the best and greatest book wr can use as a be significant reference to excel in BI along with personal relationship.with our Lord.Jesus Christ as our saviour and Lord .Othet reference is to study the life and management style if oyr great business icon, business leaders, political leadets snd the trend of world business is subject to political,socisl, environmental and business trends and event as they said " to know the road.ahead ask those coming back!
Concept of BI
business intelligence us key to determine as a tool and avenue in making ad reference to make businesss daily decision
Comparison of current work from previous one
Im engaging my self into management delegation as part of management succession to trained my corpirate succrsdor, my owned children as im gearing my self to serve as humanitarian envoy and humanitarian ambassador to create legacy out of helping people in.dire needs to economically stabilize themsrlve to secure thiet own economic accesss to sustainable economic growth.and business economic successs
Important Decisions
The important career decision that i made along the way.are business growth is not permanent and there is always challenge for business up and down if the business intelligence shall not be properly use and applied according to business growth need and business market trend along with previse business forecast , analysis, evaluation and conceptualize studies.should be made before embarking on making solid decision making.
Role of BI very it is the life blood of business, businesss success and prevention of businesss downfall and business failure which.will bankcruptcy
Tools of BI the market.which is in the market.are great however its use and application.depend on the actual business scenario and business needs and requirement. so even there some good BI in the market i would love to mention few we mostly like but as i say thesr will become irrelevant ad these has something with current business needs and strong address current business circumstances and current business scenario.
Definition of BI
business intelligence is business.concept.and be use as business pattern and tools as key and guide in making adaptive.successfull business decion making.
New trend
The techonogy trend we are watching is the web war concept funded by USA in the amount of USD479 B
and how china, russia and the rest of the world cope up with thesr high profile and high value business and economic dominance tools and armament.and how these.will change our businesss concept.and the world we live in.
Personal Information
Iam Servando Cesar G.Reyes, working as Business.Analyst and Business Consultat to several local and International companies and corporation at the same.time Chairman and Presudent of Penlift Marketing and Management Services Inc engaged and involved in petroleum trading, buying,selling, exportation,importation, wholesaling and now gearing for retailing including pharmaceutical product and business consultancy in the field of petroleum worlwide product price monitoring, product procurement management consultancy services, product distribution, comprehensive feasibility development program , business plan development program,corporate re engineering and corporate re structuring. Right now my to enter humanitarian service as humanitarian envoy.and delegate the business operation ,including my children and staff and serve as mentor.and adviser.
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