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Parinita Bahadur
Parinita Bahadur

Parinita Bahadur

IP Access Ltd.


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Tech Management matters more on
Authority, Freedom and Recognition

While assigning accountability to managers it is equally important to empower them with Authority and Freedom. For Tech managers it is vital to retain their technical niche and hence the managerial function should not constitute more than one third of their job hours. Also, Tech managers should be abreast with the fact that handling managerial function affectively is essential for their lateral growth. This is why it is always good to have managerial functions as one of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Tech Managers.
Ensuring Growth
I constantly accept new challenges at work place. I read books and while I learn new practices, I make efforts to unlearn conventional methods and old ways. My favorite author is Dave Ulrich. I am a life member of NHRD, NIPM and INAAR. I attend seminars of NHRD, NIPM and MTHR to stay abreast with latest trends and changes at work place. I make sure I take at least one certification in human resource management every year. I am constantly working to develop my network in the interest of my organization.
Family background
I am a Maharashtrian girl married in a Rajasthani family. I completed my Graduation (B.E. Computers) and Post Graduation (MBA HR) from Nagpur University and have settled with my family in Pune. My family consists of my In-Laws, husband and children.
My advice
•Sell your Ideas and Values. Make Constant Selling as a motto of life.
•Be dead honest and carry high values. It always pays in the long run.
•Think globally and act locally. Be performance oriented.
•Never stop learning. Do more, learn more.
•Look forward to new challenges. They will make you or break you.
•Work Hard and Work Smart. 80% jobs can be accomplished in 20% time.
Awards and Recognitions
I have received constant recognition from the management through emails regarding my way of working as a manager and handling various difficult situations smartly and in a matured way.
My views on India Technical development
Today even the software largest product based company Microsoft claims itself to be a Service Company. The pace at which the technology is changing today, no one wants to be prototyped on the basis of their IP (Intellectual Property meaning Tech Products). While there are so many of the Indian Companies working to build their IP (Intellectual Property) they are not promoting themselves as a Tech Company simply to keep “All Options Open”. So while it’s fair to say our country doesn’t own a tech product, I think the onus of it goes more to the emerging trends and the influence from the west.
Current Job description
I am presently working as Manager - HR with Gauri Ltd. I am responsible for HR functions of both India and UK office. I have been bestowed upon tremendous confidence and trust by the management, which helps me pacify my accountability for various HR functions including Recruitment Initiatives and Campus Drive, Performance and Competency Management, Salary and Compensation, Policy and Procedures, Statutory Compliances and People Management.
Leadership qualities
Be Self Motivated and encourage Team Work. Constantly motivate your peer to deliver excellence. Be always quality conscious. Encourage learning through In-House Presentations, Trainings, Certifications and Seminars. As Don Ruiz has written in his book “The Four Agreements” - Be Impeccable with your words, don’t take anything personally; don’t make assumptions and always do your best.
Influenced by
Undoubtedly she is my Mother in Law. She is a dynamic lady who has been head mistress of a number of boarding / convent schools and has been into teaching profession for over three decades. She is the best example of Work-Life balance and I have never seen her sitting ideal. She firmly believes that a woman should always be working for the betterment of her family. She is my ideal, my guru and some day I want to see myself as strong and dynamic as my Mother-In-Law.
Excellence in Management
•Recruitments for various positions in SAP, ERP and Project Management
•Designed and Developed Employee Hand Book for UK and India Office
•In-Charge of Salary and Compensation for Indian Office
•Created Organization Grades / Bands and performed Normalization
•Conducted 4 Off-Campus Drives across Pune
•Designed and Finalized various Employment / Services forms for the UK and India office
•Conducted 2 Team Engagement Events and 1 In-House Training Program
•Time Sheet Management of Technical Teams in UK and India
•Conducted Psychometric Test (PSI, ESI and TAT) at various levels within the organization.
Team Management
Many of our values on team environment are derived from John Maxwell book “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work”. We believe that investing in team compounds over time which is why we strongly encourage learning. At Gauri, we have cross functional teams. Based on the project requirements the teams synergize to create a value proposition and meet stringent business requirements. Knowledge sharing is our utmost priority when we work in teams.
Handling Grievances
Grievances of employees are handled privately. Principally the discussion is to identify the underlying issues and key motivators. While all efforts are made to resolve the underlying issues, motivators are used in succession to encourage employee come out of the crisis situation.
More about me
Being Well Qualified is as important as being Well Experienced. When you are studying; focus on developing your competencies. When you are employed, focus on your performance indicators. Every day every single minute sell your ideas, sell yourself.
Managing personal and professional life
We should not fear making mistakes as long as we don’t repeat them. Principally, as you move forward towards achieving organizational goals, keep the stake holders informed. A stitch in time saves nine. When you need inputs, discuss with the stake holders, talk to people in your network, leave questions on forums and create a pool of information. All this helps you to mitigate risk in decision making especially when you are going through a learning curve.
Important career decisions
Irrespective of what size of organization you work, what is crucial is that you are part of a fast growing, fast changing company. I enjoy working with SMEs because you get to learn so much and you get to work on so many different things at the same time.
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