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Nitin Kushalappa

Nitin Kushalappa

Lead Mobile App Developer (in 2012)

OnePoint Global India Pvt. Ltd.


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Being different
It isn't about how we segregate ourselves that matter, in a career it's how we contribute to our team and organisation that matters. One needs to give up their ego and give their sincere best efforts to get each project done. One needs to take care of their priorities and make efforts that pay in the long run, not just at that moment. I hope that my character would speak for itself. Talking less and working more always pays eventually.
Goals and Ambitions
I take life one day at a time. Happiness and success are my permanent goals and ambitions. I hope that whatever I do in the next 5 years will contribute to the same.
Current Trends
Being smart with modern technologies always helps in a big way.
Family Background
I come from a middle-class background. My father served for more than thirty years in NGEF, a Public sector unit owned by the state government in Bangalore, as an electrical engineer. My mother is a school teacher by training and a writer in the Kodava and the Kannada languages. My sister is also an engineer.
Managing professional as well as personal life
By setting priorities and by managing time.
Company and job profile
Hi, I am Nitin Kushalappa, currently a team lead for mobile application developers at OnePoint Global. I am a telecommunication engineer by training with a degree from CMRIT (under Vishwesvaraya Technological University), in Bangalore. I did my early schooling in Clarence High School and St. Joseph's Pre-University College. I live with my parents and my younger sister.

I knew basic programming in Java, C and C before I took up my career. I was trained as an Iphone developer in my first job at Demansol Software solutions, Bangalore where I served for a while. Ever since then I have either developed or co-developed at least fifteen apps that were released in the markets. I had joined my present company as a Mobile Application Developer. Here I learned team skills on the job and am serving in my current designation.

Challenges faced in job
Learning on the job is most essential for any career future
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
We need creativity, innovation and courage. We need to do new things and to lead the way for quality tech products. Generally we Indians have become service-oriented followers who don't dare to do something new. History has thought us that those nations which use and create new technologies have been the leaders of their age. There was Egypt, Babylonia, India, China, Greece, Rome, Arabia, Spain, England and USA over the ages. India taught the world mathematics, be it the decimal numerals, the use of zero, the Pythagorus' theorem or the value of pi. India also taught the world the martial arts, board games like chess and ludo, different surgeries and herbal medicines, yoga and gave the world it's first university (Taxila). Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated in India. Many great leaders and scholars were from India. Yet present-day India is sadly lethargic and lacking in will.
My role model
There are no perfect persons as such. Every person has a strong side and weak side- they might be at the top of their careers but they might neglect their family or they might have faulty habits. When we make role models we tend to think of their wrongs as right. Thus we need to strive to become better human beings. I would like to be a better myself each day.
My advice
Keep trying hard and keep adapting. Focus is the key to success and happiness. A calm mind helps in every task, however hard it would seem to be.
My achievement
Being myself is my most valuable achievement."Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer (sic) than you" (Dr. Suess) Failure teaches a lot more than any success can. Success is only the end point. I still have a long career to go through.
Books recommended
Self-help books are best. Read them to help build character. There are many authors, like for e.g. Robin Sharma.

(Year: 2012)
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