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Nishant S Vispute
Nishant S Vispute

Nishant S Vispute

Founder at SecureSight Technologies...

SecureSight Technologies Pvt Ltd


Nishant S Vispute is a member of:

Brief description about me
Over 8 years of experience 6 years full time and 2 years of freelance consultation in the field of Information security and information technologies, while begin employed i worked with 3 FORTUNE 50 companies, my journey until now was not as rewarding but i do have had many fantastic experience and people.

I like to ride my motorcycle as and when i get to, play a lot of computer suspense here yes i do like to play a lot of counter-strike on lan. i like what i do and i do what i Really like, i just don't do because i have nothing else to do.

I started my company with a very simple vision and a strong believe,vision to assist the small companies who are easy targets to the hackers and a STRONG believe that Yes i can assist them. one incident in my freelance career made me take this decision.
My achievements
"SecureSight Technologies" achievement that i am proud of.
With Securesight Technologies i will contribute and help the young enthusiastic freshers to develop much better skill set, contribute to the open source community.

SecureSight technologies provides the most economical Information security services to the Start up and SME's, hence indirectly i will also contribute towards making the Indian technologies companies much secured and build a better client relation in order to boost there sales.
My family background
My dad is working with O&M for all his career he start his career with O&M and soon will retire as a Art Director. My mom stayed back home to take care of me and my younger sister, together they have made us what we are, with unconditional love, emotional drama when we did not listened to them.

If not for them, I do not know where i would have been.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
There is no definitive answer to this question but what i think one should have is the optimistic approach, strong belief, patience and should also be a team player.

If your team believes in you, has faith that you will make decision which will benefit the team, then only you can expect to get a better support from your team.
Couple of years from now
In Bangalore, with a coroner office, and Aprilia RSV motorcycle in my parking.
But honestly in big picture i see myself standing in a position where people will know me by my company name, and not as a individual.
Important lesson learned
Always be more proactive, emphasize more on team work, try not to mix ego with hard work
Important decision
Starting my own company, When i started SecureSight technologies Pvt ltd i had a very clear picture as to what i want to do and how to do, but what i lacked was when to do.. there are so many companies in market who provide Information Security but what made us different?, was i going to make money and how? are the few question that i had to answer and take a decision.

It took me over 6 months to decide whether to go ahead or not, i had to decide between saying goodbye to big fat monthly Cheque or SecureSight Technologies

Today i with the kind of response SecureSight technologies is getting i can say yes this is the Most important decision i took and am i am proud of it.
Influenced by
Actually its 2 people...My Mom, without her i would have been a couch potato playing games on HDMI, or watching some science fiction on my week offs and holidays...She was the one who always keep me pushing to do and be better in whatever i do...and my dad, the number of hours he worked when i was a child and even today are the same... he was the one who backed me in my bad and good days... no matters what situation he was in he made sure that he was there for me and my sister when we need him.
Both of them Influenced me and they still do it, they taught me "Never give up, no matter what situation you are in or what life is throwing at you" and "Believe in what you are doing and the team working with you"
Degree that I recommend
Yes, if you want to make career in Information Security, start with S+ be good in programming, focus on the technologies you want to work once you have a clear picture as to what you want to be in InfoSec get CEH,CHFI and LPT done as soon as possible, because these are the basic certification which will define your path in Infosec.

Also do not ignore CISCO and Microsoft certification they are now considered as the entry level certification in InfoSec.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Every single thing gets updated over a period of time, so should the education system. Its not bad to have some subject which interest individual. someone can be good in drawing does not mean he is good in biology or chemistry.

If you look at the stats most of the hacker started are very tender age of 10 or less, many fresher i encounter are learning programming language just to get a job.This hampers the productivity or the skill set that any company wants.

Our Education system need a new look it is good that currently our education system focuses on the basic but by not giving choice in higher studies and limiting by certification can sometime hurt a lot of people.
Ensuring success
I keep on learning new subject, i update my skills, connect with like minded people, i take enough breaks, i never overlook my hobbies and make sure i have enough time to fulfill them.

Also i support and invest in people. i ensure that my team is working together and have a healthy competitive nature between them
Initiative to develop a country
Think unique, the whole concept of personal development revolves around how creative you are. when one individual develops himself/herself they are contributing to the growth of the country directly or indirectly.
Begin self center does not work in long run, nation is build with million of individual working together and not just one person.
Last but not least pay taxes on time :).
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