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Navjot Singh Bindra
Navjot Singh Bindra

Navjot Singh Bindra

MS Web and Window Developer



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Required Reading
I recommend following books

1. Lessons Learned in Software Testing
2. How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing
3. Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement
Currently working at
Currently working as freelancer having 6 years of experience in design and web / window development and web-page based application development. Worked as Software Engineer in developing and maintaining world class web-based application projects. Involved in development, testing & implementation.
Changes in the industry
Following are few changes :
1. Increase application quality
2. Minimize testing cost.
3. First do unit testing than integration testing followed by acceptance testing.
4. Prepare test documents
5. Build test cases
6. Use of testing automation tools.
Essential Advice
Do give emphasis on the below points.
1. Should have sharp analytical skills.
2. Must have strong technical skills .
3. Customer communication as well as team communication.
4. Efficiently manage workload, have high productivity
5. Most important must have a great degree of the passion for it
Role Model
My senior college Mr. Kamaldeep Singh inspires me a lot because he never gives up and keep on trying until the job is completed that too with quality. He believes that you can grow if you get reference business from old clients.
Areas for the Future
1. Testing automation tools.
2. Become monotonous test case executor
3. Knowledge of functional, performance, security testing tools.
4. Domain knowledge
5. Certifications
6. Niche areas in Testing
The Journey So Far
Its been more than 6 years working in this domain and was really a hard path to travel which taught me a lot. Used to spent even 18 hours daily at work in the starting days to learn maximum from seniors and excel in my carrier. As a result reached at a good level and I am satisfied with my journey.
Parting thoughts
Its very important to give your best to any task given to you and try to set standards so that from the next time others should follow you for the same task. Never give up and try till you achieve the target.
Tech trends to watch out for
Few technology trends :
1. Domain knowledge - Adds value to the testing professionals.
2. Automation testing tools.
3. Certifications - CQTM, PMP are some managerial certifications.
4. Experts predict that the niche areas like SOA testing, Security testing are gaining momentum in the testing space.
Most Important Decisions
Career decisions made by me :

1. Update regularly with latest automation tools.
2. Did certifications for managerial level.
3. Read few nice testing books which taught how to break software or website.
Degrees that Matter
Due to the increasing complexity of modern software development projects it is essential that QA/Testers are certified. You need QA/Testing certified professionals involved in the development process.

2. PMP
Most Important Lessons
Important lessons
1. Keep yourself updated with changing technology.
2. Work hard for quality production.
3. Manage your workload.
4. Never hesitate to learn.
5. On time delivery of project is most important.
6. Maintain ethics with your co-workers and clients.
Plans for the Future
I consider myself still at a learner stage though bit advance and will keep on learning and updating myself with changing technology. In coming 2 years I aim to do couple of more certifications and start using at-least 3 more automation tools. But my learning cycle will never stop.
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