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Ask Mohibul Islam Barbhuiya for Advice
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Advice Request
Mohibul Islam Barbhuiya
Mohibul Islam Barbhuiya

Mohibul Islam Barbhuiya

Biomedical engineer

Barua Clinical Laboratory & Sanjivani Hospital

Challenges faced in job
Today every companies are sales oriented they are always giving the priority to sales people but not to the service, I can understand the sales peooples are earning the money by saling the products for every company let me tell you let sales people sale the product(equipments)if the company is not be able to support or service the same after sales then no one will purchase the same product. Proper service team can make a company leading one.
Company and job profile
I am from a middle class family, parents are working in govt M E School.
From a place in North East India called Silchar about 2700 Km from New Delhi. Did engineering form IIMT Meerut (UP) in Biomedical Branch 2009 batch. I was an avergae student through out the academics. At present working in private hospital Named as Sanijivani Hospital & Barua Clinical Laboratory which is about 250 beded hospital & 200 Patient per day Laboratory in assam as Biomedical Manager Looking Hospital Equipments Maintanance, Purcahsing of equipments, Recruiting of employee, reporting to MD of the organizasion. Working under the guidlines of NABH & NABL standards.
My advice
Be sure in whcih path you are directed to... sales or service than only you cn grow, priorities your preferences between emotional family attachments, and leading carrier options bcoz you may have good job but unable to maintan supportive family in back or you will have a small job having less salary but in peace of mind, then priorities your place of work metro city or small town or big town or home town or industrial town then only you can get settle into a place where you can plan for growing up in terms of settelements like, having own house, having childreen, having future plan to starts your own business and ofcourse your support to your family. Have patience and confidence upon yourself. last but not least you should be honest and sincere towards your jobs.
Being different
Some peoples(engg grad) are working in a field which is may not be the fields of engineering but may they are earnng more than an engineering job but I am working in my field of Biomedical engineering so that in my inner heart i have a satisfaction regarding my study, jobs, place of working, earnings, and my family.
Goals and Ambitions
I want to join my top level managements of my current organisation and side wise i want to start my own business in the Biomedical engineering fileds.
At the same time i want to lead my organisation to enter into the list of top most corporate hospitals in the state. And one of my project is going on to cover maximum rural areas for better healthcare supports in this regards i have started two patient samples collection centres accross the town and want to cover the 7 districs for the same.
Managing professional as well as personal life
I have created a thin line in between the both as, when i come to work i fully dedicated myself to work and when i am in home i spend quality time with my wife and daughter, I spend extra time to my job as n when required and also i enjoy full holiday with my family, on the other hand i always try to full fill all the demands arises from family as well as from the job. In my thrid question i suggest to priorities the requirements which are required to live life, I have done and doing the same things due to which i always serched such balance jobs for me and i think this is one of the best job which i am doing presently can give time to balance personal and professional life.
Family Background
Yes, My Father- a teacher,in middle school
Mother- a teacher, in middle school
One sister - house wife,
2nd sister - a politician (Block president)
Brother - a business man
Wife- house wife
One thing i can say about my family i e all are well wishers for me, all are educated, supportive, goal oriented, all beleives in smart working rather than hard working. all are living in small town in the state of assam called as Silchar, silchar is a place from where the polo game has been started during the british rule.

I am from Muslim family from a village which has mixed community like muslims, hindus, manipuri, bengali, etc but Silchar's Muslim families are always beleive to follow the path of Real Muslim with real meanings of al Quaran the holy book, not like pakisthani alkaida's and Bangladeshi's.

we have earned the education of Islam/ Muslims at very early stage (before started the school) during early morning hrs. and evening hrs
Books recommended
Engineering Books- Biomedical Instrumentation by R S Khandpur, regarding the engineering books i can suggest every one that any books you read read it thoroly by understanding it not by mugging.
Novel- Wings of fire, i can win, One night @ call centre etc
Making job easier
Disciplane of the staff & Managements
Timely delivery of assignments assign to the staff
Management should keep equqllity to all the employees
Lastly the documentation of every works.
My strongest Skill
Simplicity, honesty, sincererity, activeness, encourage to others, etc etc
and i beleive to return much much times of my salary to the organisations in terms of money
My role model
My role model is my father, for which i want to explain one of the great achivement of my father.

He has started a lower primery school in a place which is surrounded by hills, illiterate peoples, no communication to the place with the town during the year 1966, due to his hard working the same school got the govt recognisation duriign the year 1977, during his excelancy the school extended to middle school in the year 1988, the same place is now well connected to the town, 90% of the peoples are educated there............ a lots of things are there for which i admire the most.
From my father i got one charracter that is if i plan to start any work i become sleepless, until i started the same.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
lack of planning, Just giving one example... in india about 2000 peoples are graduate in Biomedical Engineering till date, but there is no proper jobs in govt sector for BMe's, no R&D sectors for BMe, the govt are sanctioning the money for new equipments in a hospital but unbale to craete a post BME who can save much much more than his salary in every year ..... a lot of things which cannot be explain in written...........

In last i can say lack of planning & Good leaders
My important career decision
I moved from saudi arabia and started the job in india, so that i can served indian organisations, can focus on india's technical deficiencies..... and some priorities as explained in 3rd question.
Current Trends
Importance of Biomedical engineering
My achievement
God gifted me a lot of things, starting from my parents to job, I feel very proud to have a BMe degree,
and the jobs at Snjivani Hospital and Barua Clinical Laboratory after which i came accross three jobs offer from various organisations.
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