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Mayur Chhabra
Mayur Chhabra

Mayur Chhabra

Supply Chain Manger North India

Britannia Industries Limited

More about myself
The future depends on what we do in the present hence we need to be a good planner & equally good executor , Planning without execution is a boat without oars.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
Important decision
Have been instrumental in playing a pivotal role in reducing cost & streamling business in all my 5 organizations that i have worked with & I feel myself blessed as i have recd. reconization from all 5 of them .

Be it reducing forklift operations cost , Managing Logistics in odd hours , Crisis management , Cost reduction projects such as Direct dispatches ,streamlinig Modern trade business when it was in the nascent stage etc etc .

What i have learnt from all my experience is that one needs to be Hawkish in attaining his / her goals, deication , passion for your work & Onus are some of the key helping hands
My family background
I belong to a middle class family from Najibabad (U.P), born & bought up in a small town of U.P where i enjoyed my childhood with my parents / grandparents & sister .

Currently settled in Delhi with my wife & daughter
Influenced by
I'm influenced by the quote by Vince Lombardi as under :-

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.
Vince Lombardi

Although born & bought up in small town of U.P with limited facilities for studies & no carrer guidance still i cherished an earnest desire to prove myself ,after complting my xth stabdard from ICSE board,completed my xiith sytandard from U.P board by opting english as a medium .

Compketed my from Rohilkhand universtiy Bareilly & aslso from the same University , futer I joined PGDBA in Operations from Symbioisis Pune & completed the same successfuly in 2008.

Currently pursuing Advanced course in Supply Chain from IIM Calcutta , it is all about your strong WILL which helps us to overcome all Obstacles
Couple of years from now
Learning is a never ending process & I personally feel that this should continue throughout one's life cycle , A person without knowledge defintely faces MIRAGE effect one day or the other.

In quench thirst of Knowledge I have joined Advanced course in supply chain from IIM Calcutta which would help me to excel through my career progression .

I wish to attain moe & more functional & inter functional knowledge to shoulder high echelons of the organization , would love to see myself in Top management role in next 3-4 years
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Most great leaders do not become great by chance. It takes a certain type of individual to become a great leader and there are several things that all great leaders have in common. These things are essential leadership qualities that are required for leaders in all areas of life.

Mindest , Ethics , Integrity , Team Building , Strong Communication skills , Innovative thinking .
Rely on your own strength of body and soul. Take for your star self-reliance, faith, honesty and industry. Don't take too much advice — keep at the helm and steer your own ship, and remember that the great art of commanding is to take a fair share of the work. Fire above the mark you intend to hit. Energy, invincible determination with the right motive, are the levers that move the world.
Brief description about me
An astute professional with almost 12 years of experience in field of Supply Chain , I feel proud to have been a part of some of the best FMCG companies.

I have a critical focus on optimal costs balanced with the best customer service. I believe that continuous improvement is always possible, even in this ever changing and dynamic world.

I believe in working collaboratively with others and with aligned goals. I love my work and I am extremely passionate about it.

Strong business ethics, Good analytical skills, problem solving mindset, fact based decision making, team work, effective communication and punctuality are some of my key strengths.
Important lesson learned
Have faith in GOD , work with honesty , Completely own the job which you are responsible for & no one can stop success coming your way.

Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps, till the legend, over steep ways to the stars, fulfills itself.
My role model
Swami Vivekananda for all his teachings he had shared , quoting few of his quotes :-

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.
My strongest skill
Self Motivation

Dedication towards work

Passion to drive change

Challenge the Impossible
Ensuring success
As i have mentioned earlier as well , one needs to keep learning day in day out , this can also be related to Continuous Learnig , one needs to be up to date in all the aspects of the Profession chosen & should try to gain as much knowledge as possible .

It is the quench thirst for learning & development which would help us to succeed.
My achievements
Have recieved 5 Professional awards from 5 compnies have worked with , but the biggest achievemnt is SELF SATISFACTION , working with complete focus & dedication , ensuring complete ethics & Integrity I feel highly motivated within & when i return home after a long hectic schedule from office , I have a feeling of Pride that yes i have done something productive today.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education in INDIA should be focused more on actual case studies from real life & industry enviornment this will help students to be more efficient dealimg with various issues , which probably they have never read in the books during their academics.
Initiative to develop a country
India, a developed country by 2020 is not an easy task. India has to keep in check the Population, corruption and pollution and and will have to improve the infrastructure. It must also improve social structure and invest more on security. To quote China as an example is that they demolished an old building to construct a very big port to meet future demands, but India is still waiting for things to happen. India in the recent past has improved a lot in the foreign exchange reserves, outsourcing business and in exports too. The profits gained are to be spent for the development of the welfare of the country. Most of the foreign companies are ready to do business in India because of the individual prowess of manpower which will give fast, quality output in a short span. India’s vision for a brighter path will come true not only by mere words or speech, but extra effort needed at all levels to overcome the pitfalls. Practical session is a requisite rather than fruitless theoretical dial
Degree that I recommend

Laedreship course offered by IIM-C / Harvard Business School
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