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Kunniserry Kannan Ravi
Kunniserry Kannan Ravi

Kunniserry Kannan Ravi

Senior Business Development Executive

Merritt Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd


Kunniserry Kannan Ravi is a member of:

Plans For The Future:
After couple of years i would like to be in a position of a "Manager" and manage my team of Marketing guys and create a road for success for the development of the organization. Simultaneously, i would see myself of becoming a strategist who could implement Policies & Strategies for the company.
Working Life Management:
I believe in Time Management and work upon that. I would define work schedules for the day and work till achieving that particular target. Managing time effectively helps me to attain and finish of my work with great ease without much effort in my work schedule.
Role Model:
My Chief Marketing Officer, who believes in simplicity and effectiveness plays a key role in success, Swami Vivekananda for his fearless attitude and Abdul Kalam.
The Journey So Far:
My Journey in my corporate was really informative and amazing. I had an opportunity to learn many aspects of Management and how it really works in the organizations. Besides, it really helped me to shape up as a business professional and learn different strategies associate with the organization.
Advice For New Professionals:
Work Harder and Smarter. This is a greatest mantra for success.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
The time i have joined in Professional environment, things are totally different. The kind of policies and procedures itself differs from one industry to other industry. There are significant changes also in the strategies and policies depending upon the type of industry where i have worked.
Involvement in the Industry
Won the purchase order of more than a lakh which has accomplished the organization for formulation of their goals and targets effectively and active participation in formulation of goals and strategies for the organization.
Job Profile:
I basically work as an Snr Business Development Executive where i need to interact with the clients often about the company and services we provide and also work as an Marketing Analyst. I use to handle the conference calls and also work until the execution of projects from different countries.
Required Reading:
Books: Count your chicken before they hatch, You can win.
Professional Strengths:
Strong communication and team building are one of my key attributes in every industry i have worked. Withstanding pressures to achieve the targets and deadlines are the ones which becomes important in my nature of work. Flexibility and adaptability to changes are also my key skills and attributes.
Career Profile:
My responsibilities includes regular interaction with the clients, placed internationally and getting projects from them by highlighting our companies capabilities where lots of challenge is involved. I also involve in preparation of budgets and proposals which is totally different from my early job
Growth Strategy:
Constant practice helps to develop an individual in continuously in every step of his career. I do believe in this and practice with hard work and continuous improvement for attaining a goal is one which i am undergoing as of now. Therefore, practice leads to perfection is my motto.
Done Differently:
Clients acquisition and retaining them would be the one which i would focus. For this changing the plans and strategies would be the one which i would focus.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am proud of providing projects to my company where ever i have worked. It has enabled to improve its efficiency in the working and plan future activities accordingly.
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