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Karmesh Ghosh
Karmesh Ghosh

Karmesh Ghosh

business development

Jsoft Solutions


Karmesh Ghosh is a member of:

Ensuring Growth
The eagerness of a child and the enthusiasm of a school boy will
always make one a student of the game. In my own personal space I continue
to be a student to learn, imitate, inculcate and imbibe qualities of other
great leaders irrespective of their domain areas. "Self investment" is the
biggest investment I do for which the dividends I reap are immeasurable. One
of my biggest role model is Sachin Tendulkar because he is the best example
of an aggressive person who doesn't reflect it in his body language but in
his performance. To be able to do that on a daily basis for 23 years is a
feat which very few people can inculcate. I am a great listener for which I
can have my bragging rights and that allows me to observe and learn from my
peers, subordinates and everyone that I come across. These days there are
lot of avenues to develop oneself, in the form of books, videos, podcasts to
give us the spark and rise above the ordinary. I keep myself always open to
all that is going around and beat myself each day by goal setting.

Current Job description
I lead the business development for the BPO
vertical at Jsoft Solutions, which is the IT arm of the USD9bn JSW group. My
role is to propagate, seek new alliances with partners and acquire new
business for my vertical. The JSW group has a unique rural bpo model to
empower women via ITES which makes it even more challenging to break
perceptions in the market, convince customers/partners to work with us and
at the same time run our bpo centers viably and profitably.
Advice to managers
first, processes next. An upcoming management leader tends to entangle and
immerse themselves in building, revising and designing processes which in a
way is good however people make an organization/company. If the leader
continues to listen and spend time with the right people, half of the battle
is won. Companies with dynamic leaders who are people friendly are always
looked upon vs. companies with huge processes and bureaucracy in place.
Knowledge if power--so never stop listening and learning.
Essential skills required for leaders
One of the biggest trait a leader should possess is the power of positive
"persuasion and influence". Leaders don't have a birth right to rule and
command in-fact they are always in a precarious position to win every bit of
respect and love from their followers/counterparts. We have a misconception
especially in the Indian corporate world is that longer the tenure one
serves, he/she is entitled to a leadership role in the near future. Leaders
have an uncanny habit of motivating/influencing their peers in a positive
way irrespective of their tenure. Some of other powerful skills are
"efficient communication" skills and "lateral thinking". The leader
shouldn't be found wanting in any scenario or stage hence lateral thinking.
By mere communicating via a specified language might fulfill a transaction
but can't influence people to think or act in a way that the leader wishes;
hence efficient communication skills is mandatory.
Tackling Grievances
My leadership style is
people oriented and hence handling their grievances comes along with it. I
tend to focus on the issue and not the person on most scenarios--this
enables me to be detached and think objectively. Most of employee grievances
can be broken into 3 major parts--aspirational, emotional and physical. If
the right environment is given to the employees where they feel wanted, and
properly used rarely people complain about their aspirations not met. People
complaining and quitting their jobs because of their ambition/goals not met
are because of a gap created in the system either via communication or via
perception. The worse thing to do in this case is to be nonchalant. Only if
I am cognizant of the fact that there is an issue in my system, I will be
able to share and solve it. If I continue to shove things under the carpet I
am allowing huge dirt to build up. Emotional and physical issues are tricky
as they come under an employees own personal space and leaders need to
respect that and treat it with caution. Hence as leaders, we tend to lay lot
of emphasis on goal setting but as a matter of fact we should spend time of
expectation setting as well. As an example if my team is aware of the kind
of person I am and the kind of respect I give to deadlines and quality, they
would do course correction themselves to align to my style which in turn
would be aligned to the team/company's goals.

Doing things right
routine course correction and self assessment is the need of the hour. The
more we do it the better we get with it personally and professionally.
Embracing failures, learning from them, extracting the nectar out of
failures is what will give us the fuel to run behind success even more. An
amiable personality helps in projecting an approachable image which in turn
motivates others to give us constructive feedback to us which is very
(Avoiding mistakes - both in your personal as well as profession)
Taking Important career decision
To follow my heart instead of the head. Coming from a very
lucrative and comfortable job selling IT products to overseas customers I
made a switch to empower the rural population via ITeS--that was a very
satisfying yet important career decision which I made and my conviction in
the people/model is propelling me each day to better my self.
More about me
I love playing musical instruments; I am self taught
in guitar, keyboard and the harmonica. Love listening to all genres of music
except heavy metal and heavy Indian classical. I love books and want to have
a beautiful library of my own very shortly. Love video games and outdoor
activities like trekking, drag racing, long driving as well. I have
developed lot of interest in cooking as well, thanks to my wife.
Inspired by
I have been
hugely influenced by Sachin for his consistency in performance and the
passion for his craft. With respect to leadership I have been astonished and
mesmerized by Steve Jobs who had this astute sense of visualization and
pushing people beyond their boundaries. The book "iLeadership" throws light
on such aspects of Jobs life which shows him as a shrewd person but a person
who is out to change the world and the way the world thinks, he better be
shrewd. He pushed people to do their best and not be complacent with
mediocrity which enabled him to be surrounded with only the best of the best
crowd. And the fact that he came from a not so technical background and what
he has given to the world, that required more than skills--a leader who can
visualize and dream of his goals with his eyes open. He was simply

Family background
My father, mother and sister have a social sector background hence they all
run and work with top NGOs in this country. I was the only odd one out with
a MNC/corporate drive. I am in a unique phase where I am using all my so
called corporate skills to benefit the social sector which I have named it
as "social profiteering". My wife is an IT professional and works in one of
the largest educational services company. Our 3.5 yr old daughter keeps us
on our toes.
My prospective towards India Technological development
To be
candid and rude, Indians are still under the "colonial hangover" where we
would rather be great workers under somebody than take the risk of
developing something of our own. If we do a root cause analysis, it all goes
back to our schooling and college system which is rotten and rote based. We
don't encourage free and enterprising thinking. All the 21-24 years of our
education is driven towards one single goal--to fetch a job. Our parents
worsen this scenario when they see their child thinking and trying to do
creatively--they get insecured thinking what their child is getting out of
focused and doesn't have a future for sure. If a crowd of kids in the range
of 10-15 years are asked now, about their future we shall find only
engineers and doctors. We don't come across children who aspire to be fire
fighters, policemen, social workers or innovators. This has again to do with
our colonial past where to work under somebody and be in their good books
was all it took to have a comfortable and stable life. Also Indian parents
see their children as "retirement accounts" hence any deviation from
securing a job is see as a threat to their retirement plans. Hence they make
it a point to patronize and also go to the extent of crushing a child's free
thinking or innovating attitude. Our benchmarks are pretty low but I see
that changing maybe in the next 15-20 years because for every peak, there is
a saturation. We might be stalwarts now in the IT services but a saturation
will emerge where some other countries will be able to do at 1/3 the cost of
an Indian company. We will be forced to innovate and produce something of
our own. Risk taking and enterprising skills aren't taught in our education
system hence we produce whole sale workers who are great in "getting the
task done". The great stalwarts of the IT industry with billion dollars of
income are still petty thinkers who are happy to get revenues flow in
because of the services they render to their clients and not invest in R&D.

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