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Jyoti Kulkarni
Jyoti Kulkarni

Jyoti Kulkarni

Senior Consultant, BI/DW

Sonata Software


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Jyoti Kulkarni's Advice

Grabing an oppurtunity

Keep your mind and eyes open always to grab any kind of opportunity which comes in your way for DWBI domain (If you are interested in DWBI). Be it testing, or BA or a Developer, just welcome it with an open mind which will make a way for your success. Well begun is half done and I wish you all the best.
The Journey- Early Days to How I Got Here
Being an indent believer and follower of the dictum ‘Actions speak
louder than words’; a continuous effort towards achieving my  goal and
knowledge has helped me scale up the ladder. I started my career with
Infinite Computer Solutions as a pre-sales and market researcher; the
keen observation skills and a thirst for knowledge inspired me to make a
move to a Business Analyst role very soon. The career objective,
 towards achieving a management role set a fire to understand the IT
landscape and a typical IT organization. This involved  knowing a
business- in and out, through various information sources. That’s how I
took an interest in Business Intelligence and took a turning point with
the favourable work environment in my career at HCL technologies to
achieve the right career path and reach where I am currently.
Decisions That Mattered
All the decisions I have made till now have proved to be correct and
important in one or the other way, if not always. Every decision taken
in my career, moved me into a role which taught something new and
exciting and challenging to work. Every role helped me understand the
organization process, IT infrastructures, BI solutioning, BI analytics
and what is needed to manage people.  But the most memorable decision
was to start my knowledge gathering on database architecting. Well, it’s
not as easy as the other tasks I have been doing. I still have a long
way to go.
Turning Points
Starting my career into pre-sales and market research was a turning
point. Further, the guidance and the mentoring I got from a couple of my
seniors to whom I reported, moulded the way I think and look at a given
issue. This could be another turning point in my career which makes me
unique. The most important was when I took up a BA role for my first
project which was into Telecom. This threw my talent and skills open to
the IT industry from where very senior industry people started measuring
my calibre in terms of communication skills and logical thinking, which
a BA or a management aspirant must have.
Work and Role- Then & Now
My previous job was more action oriented without great challenges and
interactions. In contrast, the present role is providing an opportunity
to work around the objectives and goal to be accomplished in a project
or a given task. The main reason for this  change would be the work
environment and the kind of technologies being worked and the list of
responsibilities given to handle.
Few Years Down The Line
I would be looking for the right opportunities to fulfill my dreams. I
would endeavour to refine my strategic and client relations skills. I
intend to be an expert not only in Data Warehousing And Business
Intelligence domain but also in other application related domains; where
the expertise would include technical, functional and business areas of
expertise . Depending on my performance and the opportunities provided I
will carry on my duties and responsibilities as long as I adhere to the
IT industry; and continue to contribute my abilities in challenging and
rewarding tasks.

What I Learnt Along the Way
Lessons are many as learning is a never ending process. I understand my
imperfections and I strive to be perfect. Each moment and every  work
teaches me to be perfect. There are lot of imperfect things around the
industry and the organization we work, instead of seeking the
imperfections moving towards the perfections with a good team spirit
will assure success.
Trends to Watch Out For
BI is moving towards Cloud unlike the whole IT landscape. Big Data is
following with latest technologies such as Hadoop where enterprises are
turning their big data into business intelligence information. Other
than these, the two major trends to be observed are BI analytics and
Mobile BI.
My Advice if You are Starting Out
Keep your mind and eyes open always to grab any kind of opportunity
which comes in your way for DWBI domain (If you are interested in DWBI).
Be it testing, or BA or a Developer, just welcome it with an open mind
which will make a way for your success. Well begun is half done and I
wish you all the best.
Must Focus Areas in the BI Domain
The most challenging aspect of BI is to have the technical skills along
with the functional capabilities. One area which throws a lot of
challenges is Business Analysis and Business Process Understanding. This
area needs specialists who can look into the requirements from
multi-dimensions with a logical thinking. The ability to propose the
right solution approach to handle the requirements with a data model
which is in line with industry standard is valuable. The candidates with
this kind of skills are much in demand in the industry.

Do We Need Certifications
I believe certifications are labels for your skills and experience;
hence I have not taken them seriously because I believe my skills and
experience could sell me better than my certificates. However, for those
who are interested I would recommend getting certified from the tdwi

Books/ Websites I recommend
One of the books I read when I began in DWBI was Wiley & Sons - The
Data Warehouse Toolkit. The websites which get me thinking are
and I also keep browsing various discussion
topics in LinkedIn for day-to-day issues, users’ views  and the
challenges techies face in the domain.
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