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Ask Jayakumar Thalapalli for Advice
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Advice Request
Jayakumar Thalapalli
Jayakumar Thalapalli

Jayakumar Thalapalli

Corporate Soft-skills Trainer

Jay's Directional Vibrology


Jayakumar Thalapalli is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My upbringing in my early years was from a modest family background with high attention to work ethics coupled with bringing your individual stamp of class in your chosen field of interest. My father who was a highly respected official from DME.
Required Reading:
There are few books which inspire me a lot and I believe would inspire others are - Authors like Robin Cook's all books, autobiographies of aspiring individuals of contemporaries, refer Google for FYI s,Penguin publications of inventors of our time and also yesteryears. I believe these would help.
The Journey So Far:
My interest in learning from the people on road and the door next more than from the paper helped me to understand the spirit of the words in spirit..thus began my journey in 1986 last half to tread slowly on this journey to understand your stand before you talk about what you think understand...!
Done Differently:
I refresh myself and remove the unrefined content in my mind, body, soul and thoughts and bring the focus clearly to settle what not only excites me but thoroughly would excite the other person too within the permitted formats. Yes, I believe any thought to succeed it should be two way passage4sure.
Other Thoughts:
Thank you for giving this opportunity. I would like to share this thought which unceasingly inspired me in an untiring stride though success have I taste one too many times. That is Observation of that you see around you is more meaningful that we assume/presume to be. There are this huge truth u lv
Career Profile:
I have now this responsibility to bring the hidden potentials from your own think-tank which inspires me more now because now I not only for my own-self but also to bring back this smile for others.
Plans For The Future:
This is an hypothetical question for a pertinent point. To refine me to be more precisely in front of a situation where the world rejoices in their hearts for the rest of their life- The Man of few meaningful actions - The Awakener of the masses,i.e., Leader of the Aspiring mind.
Advice For New Professionals:
My advice would be to position your interest and diversions or dilutions in this commercial world where success defines, failure refines...nevertheless we succeed if you position your unrefined diversions of this dilutions in the waste paper basket if needed and understand and focus on ur priorities
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Professionals are almost the same. However the simplicity has refined with more defined need for refined in words than in spirit. This means Charity begins from home, leads u to the streets, excels u in a working environment. When I look back we have not wasted time yet scope for improvement is dere
Degrees That Matter:
Certifications yes, degrees nay. True the 360* degree truth of me is this. The best cherished certification is when I meet an individual and express what I honest felt which well received and applauded from these individuals or groups. So, my wits is not about the battle of wits but the wit itself.
Working Life Management:
Simply prioritize and applaud internally my own goodness to succeed and silently avoid that could be avoidable and remain in my own honest place on ground and not allowing on my undeserving or unasked place ion the air of delusion.
Job Profile:
I am having this company of mine called jay's Directional Vibrology which handles all the motivational needs and de-stress techniques which an individual practices in an honest environment of raised self-esteem. This is my Company for the people who needs success starts from internal refinement.
The Decisions That Matter
My most important Career decision is to focus on my strength areas like Motivational center and also make my ground positioning more competitive.
Role Model:
My failure is my best role model to encourage me to excel if I concentrate better next time.
Growth Strategy:
Stay attentive on my failures and progress and carefully focusing my output with this output of my thoughts with the input of my prescribed success. This is alone not enough though understanding the development in an international arena.
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