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James L Moss
James L Moss

James L Moss

Marketing consultant

US Global Marketing Group


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It's important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your inside reality to match your projected business image. Clients and customers depend on your image being what you say it is and they deserve and expect the truth.
A sales strategy is a game plan for how you market what you wish to sell. Marketers use sales strategies and sales tactics in order to get consumers to buy much like an attorney who develops a brief to sell the jury on the guilt or innocence of their client. A good marketing strategy yields sales.
Importance of 4ps
The marketing mix is Product, Price, Promotions and Placement. A business must target its market by getting the right message out using the right medium at the right price to effectively produce sales results. The amount of marketing will change as the product or service reaches different stages.
Motivating Factor
We have been able to get inside the heads of our clients and help them to increase sales results of their products and services. Helping them to understand Neuromarketing and how the masses of people are programmed today by the content delivered through digital /mobile media screens. DOOH.
Recommended Courses and Certification
While AMA PCM® certification is more of a standard with employers, peers and clients I recommend learning MYM methods and IEEO principals
Importance of Marketing
I'm a key person to my our Global Marketing Alliance. I've had over 8,000 clients since 1995 and have seen first hand the trends toward a more digital display screens for video content. I've also played a role in the psychology of content development for the cloud platforms prior to delivery.
Recommendation would be a good start. and will also help you.
Marketing is different because it is the only aspect which is a necessity not optional in bringing profitable results to the bottom line of any profit and loss statement. Marketing alone is key to making money in business.
Importance of STP
Segmentation is an important marketing component because the market is very diverse. To select the right product and position it effectively in a segment of the consumer public one must have these basic elements in place in any marketing plan.
Future trend
Digital/ mobile media and video content which has the basic format of Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer has proven to be most effective in converting suspects to prospects and winning sales.
Brief yourself
I've been Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect,” I help coach leaders of organizations on marketing which inspires people to build sales. Our company has applied Psychology and research (Neuromarketing) to New Media Marketing and Mobile Advertising solutions producing sales
Growth Prospect in marketing
Based on performance and results very quickly as compared to other streams.
I've earned more in Marketing than any other pursuit in my life.
What can be achieved
There are no limits.
Achieving Targets
Every team needs a road map to produce results. I coach the team leader and the team has the tools it needs and I followup to make sure the desired goals were reached.
Importance of On line marketing
It is no longer an option it is a must.
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