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Jagannadha Raju Datla
Jagannadha Raju Datla

Jagannadha Raju Datla


Ortin Laboratories Ltd.


Jagannadha Raju Datla is a member of:

Degrees That Matter:
Minimum graduate in chemistry. Post graduation and above qualifications are very helpful to build the career.
Job profile
Organization: Ortin Laboratories Ltd

Designation: Director Technical

 Now I am looking after over all operations of the unit, along with the technical issues. Our unit consists of the following departments. i.e, Production, ware house, Mechanical, Electrical, R&D, Quality control and Quality assurance. I look after all these departments with coordination of the functional heads. Along with these I coordinate with HR and Liaison, Purchase, sales and accounts departments.  I am dealing with the overall manpower of about 300 members. In this 160 people are skilled, remaining are semi and unskilled.

Leadership qualities
In my opinion following are the key factors to become a successful leader.

1. A person who leads an organization, he should have very sound practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge about all departments and its nature of work (There is no concern with academic qualifications).
2. The person should be freely accessible to the subordinates in all the way.

3. Clarity of delegation of work is also most important.
4. Honesty to the work and sharing and celebrating the success with the team is important.
Ensuring growth
Whether I am continue to grow and develop as a Leader ensure in the following way:

1. Whatever the backlogs of my negative points suppressed or not. If not I will suppress the negative things towards goal achievement.

2. I review my career personally and professionally whether it is better than the previous or not.
3. I have to be more responsible to the society day by day, than the organization and personal.

My advice to upcoming leaders
Upcoming leader should be honest and be hard worker with ethical values.
Managing professional and personal life
The leader should be ideal to his companions. That’s why I always try to be ideal to my companions. I am punctual and disciplined.  The Leader can be successful when he personally successful. That is the reason I try to be more successful in my personal life. I am loyal to all my family members as well as to my staff  and the society also.
Influenced by
I am hard core follower of the Swami Vivekananda and his ideology. But I learned what I need today is from my colleagues, friends and all the associates through out my life since by childhood.  I learned what are do not from my colleagues, associates and my bosses. I learned what I have to do is also from my colleagues, associates and my bosses only.
Handling grievances
I have to listen completely. Then I decide what kind of issue this one. Whether it is technically involved, there is no issue, we will solve. But it emotionally involved, I will made a counseling in a positive way. Then If it is not solved, I will keep it in the group discussion, and choose a appropriate solution with the acceptance of majority opinion. 
Important career decision
I came from a below middle class family in a forward caste. My academic career gone through the government schools and colleges. There are no sufficient staff.  Even though I was the class first student(with less percentage of marks about 55%)  in 10th and inter, But I was unable get the seat in degree in B.Sc (MPC) in government degree college. I was not eligible for the reservations as FC. I was joined in B.Com, Later luckily one student accepted to change to B.Com from B.Sc on mutual understanding basis. That was the important decision is helped me to today’s career in pharma industry.

I worked in pharma industry as production chemist, reached to Production manager level in the span of 12 years and make the decision along with my colleague to start an industry. That is second important decision, to become an entrepreneur.  After running of 6 years, our industry was  started with 8 reactors (20 Kilo liters capacity), now it is 75 reactors plant (180 kilo litres capacity). In financials, It was 4 crores project, today it is a 30 crores industry with turnover of 80 crores per year on our unit.

My view on India technical development
Yes, we have the very sound technical knowledge people in our country. But we failed in the tech product.  When we see about the reasons, those are very painful.

1.      Our government or system is not giving the sufficient support in the way of technical institutions those are not fully equipped. There is no scope for research, there is no expenditure on the Research Labs. All the private institutions are interested in earning money. They will not give practical experience, they give only theoretical knowledge by
books only.

2.      There are no attractive remunerations for the tech faculty and scholars.

3.      The bureaucracy and corruption are the big hurdles.

We have to control the corruption.

We have to build the infrastructures for tech labs.

We have to give good recognition to the scholars. Along with these, the persons also should think about their country’s growth, they have to give their contribution at some extend.
Family Background
My father was farmer. My mother is house wife. They studied below 5th class. I have two sisters. We were below middle class family. I was taken financial support for my studies from my uncle. I have completed my Graduation in distinction in 1994 from  government degree college, Bhadrachalam, Khammam District. AndhrPradesh. Later on I have completed my post graduation through correspondence from Madurai Kamaraj Univesity. Our area is back ward. In my school days, there was no bus, no roads to my village. Our area is naxals area. I married in 1998, now I have two daughters.

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