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Harpreet Bedi
Harpreet Bedi

Harpreet Bedi


Caslink Global Systems Private Limited

More about myself
I would like to have a brief introduction in the work you do and since I read your articles which make me aware of what's going on around the world and also feel proud that our heritage is preserved with people all around the globe.
Ensuring success
I feel that by trying to be as polite and down to earth I might shape up to be a better person. I would like my kids to be the same as well. I would like to understand and learn Gurbani to the maximum extent to cleanse my thoughts and develop my mind and body.
Important decision
i haven't made much decisions which can be considered as important but yes I was very much a religious person but unaware about "Nitnem" so I have started reciting " Japji Sahib" daily. I liked to hear Giani Pinderpal Singh ji so I never miss the opportunity if he is sharing his thoughts. I had decided and requested my kids to recite " Japji Sahib" as well and asked them to recite as much possible.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals can always contribute " dasvand" for the benefit of society. The need of hour is to preserve our generation to get diverted. We must help each other and utilize our strengths to support weaker sections and keep away from political interventions of our country. Sewa must be done unconditionally and with dedication.
My family background
My father S. Davinder Singh was a very learned man and a great lover of Gurbani. He possessed the capacity to address huge Sangat and loved to participate in Gurudwara events.He passed away in Dec 1995 due to heart attack. My mother Surinder Kaur is a Gursikh and is very keen learner of Gurbani. She visits Gurudwara regularly and always keeps on telling all of us to recite Gurbani. My mother in law also lives with me. she is also a good housewoman and recites Gurbani regularly. My wife Kulbir is a commerce Graduate with MBA in marketing and is a houswife. She takes tuitions at home for senior secondary and bachelor classes of commerce and keeps herself busy. She also recites Gurbani regularly. I have two school going Kids, Gurnidh and Japleen ( a son 11 years old and a daughter 4 years old)
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education System in the country has improved considerably. Particularly in Punjab state Governments have raised scholarships and even provided mid day meals. Efforts are made to educate senior and illiterate population also. Speaking of quality improvement we can try to become a part of contribution to education and teach if given a chance.
Degree that I recommend
I am currently pursuing MBA in operations and is almost at the verge of completion.I wish to pursue PMP certification and courses in Divinity.
Brief description about me

I am a down to earth, God fearing person and belong to middle class Sikh family. I cherish to help always to the best possible extent.Presently I am employed in ATM service industry in a firm in New Delhi and live here on a temporary basis. I love to visit any Gurudwara highly likely on a daily basis.
My achievements
I had struggled hard to continue with my education while my father passed away. I was lucky to get a job as a librarian along with it I used to teach junior classes to earn a decent living . I was able to achieve contentedly and was satisfied much with helping others than helping myself.
Couple of years from now
I wish to move out of the country along with my family.
My role model
I am highly inspired by "Giani Pinder Pal singh ji ". I think he has the ability of transform people.
Influenced by
I have been influences by people who talk logic and I had seen that such people remain by your side for long. They are God gifted guides. My wife had influenced me a lot in my life bu encouraging me to think and grow further as I had led life cautiously but she taught me take calculated risks.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Do yourself first what you expect of others to do. always remember your roots and think the same no matter how much you prosper and grow in your life.Always meditate and remember almighty for inner peace
My strongest skill
I have an engineering diploma so by profession I have been working in an ATM industry for around 17 years. I have worked at various levels within the organization and i still dot mind to roll up my sleeves to check and repair a machine in case one of field technician wants help. I encourage feedback from field rather than depending solely on middle management only.
Important lesson learned
Always stay connected to your roots.
Remember Almighty and learn to cultivate his teachings among each other
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