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Harish Sajnani
Harish Sajnani

Harish Sajnani


Open Source Computer Solutions LLC


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My achievements
I have achieved many things in work field to which I am proud of. To name a few, I did handled these projects: 1) Y2K Compliant of systems used by my company. 2) Conversion of base currency of systems from GRD to EUR. 3) Setting up systems in a new country for my company. All these I achieved single-hand identifying and setting up my own team by properly guiding them on each and every steps of implementation. Finally, I hand over the whole team to that particular country and exit from there.
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
As a leader, I make sure that I am pretty organized and have the basic understanding of products my organization is dealing with. I keep dairy of issues assigned to me and my sub-ordinate. I keep on following up on completion of issued assigned to my sub-ordinate.
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
As a professional, we should be dedicated and faithful to our country. We should use the resources available in the country and raise voice, if it require any changes. We should religiously pay the government taxes. Similar to nationalities in other country, if we would have used only AIR INDIA as means of our travel, the airline would not be in juncture of failure. Having said this, we can see success of achieving the status of developed country, if all citizen vows to join together to follow these techniques in their area of expertise.
Concept of Analyst
An analyst has to be well versed with products/services handled by his organization, couple with knowledge of IT Systems. This would help him to analyse the requirement of business and amend the systems as requuired by business.
My Strongest Skill
Basic knowledge of all products and services, which help me to be competent with my peers.
More about myself
I have an indepth knowledge of all IT systems developed by HSBC, supporting 13 middle eastern countries. I have the capability to recreate the systems, if there is any crash due to unforeseen circumstances. This is possible only due to vase basic knowledge of systems I possess. I can handle the multiple tasks/systems, which in my absence, the organization needs to recruit one person each for each system to achieve the target requirements.
Couple of years from now
I see myself setting up my own billion dollar IT company.
Qualities require to be successful
In depth knowledge of basic operation and the related IT systems. This can not be achieved by training only, but the person's own research, interest and skills.
Important decision taken
When I join the bank, I acquainted myself with all the banking departments and its process flow. Beside this, I kept myself updated with various systems newly implemented by bank by reading the related manuals in my free time. Once I was confident about myself, I moved myself to IT Management Team as an analyst.
Influenced by
My boss has influenced with me in my life so far. I have followwed-up on his foot-steps to achieve my desired goals.
Current Job Description
My current job profile is of Director and I play the role of directing the my manager's and executives using my vast experience in IT field.
Upcoming trends
I am keenly watching the workings of Security Systems and Telecoms Systems, which is going to be future needs. This would help me in my career accordingly.
Handling risky decision
Yes, I did make some risky decision but nevertheless it had calculated risk supported by data back in case I need to revert back to old situation. However, I somehow, made it to work.
My thought on education system in India
India's education system is in upto mark. What we study in school or college does not get applied in real life, when we are in job or business. The best way to divert the mind of kids on the subjects which is of interests to them. This would help them to be successful in life at any cost. I have applied this theory on my own kids and see them being nurtured as I expected it to be.
My advice to professionals
Upcoming management leader needs to acquaint themselves with new technology which keeps on changing on a daily basis and find the ways on how to utilize it in the areas of their working.
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