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Gareth Jefferson Jefferson
Gareth Jefferson Jefferson

Gareth Jefferson Jefferson

Funding Officer

ADC Financial Service


Gareth Jefferson Jefferson is a member of:

Done Differently:
I will go into farming because i have done virtually all kinds of business except for farming, so i will enjoy to do it someday.
Required Reading:
I am very careful what i read and sites i visit, i think its better to ready anything that can inspire you, i don't really like to advise on what to read or what not to.
Role Model:
My role model is my mother, she was wonderful and never gave up on me.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Each time i look around i am proud that i have helped a lot of people actualize their goals and also help them succeed in their line of business so it makes me proud.
Professional Strengths:
Funding of Real Estate Funding, Construction Loans, Start up Loans, Mortgage Loans, HUD Personal Loan, Business Loan, FHA Loans ,VA loans Conforming Loans etc.
The Decisions That Matter
To always take a bold step to actualizing my goals and never to be scared at challenges no matter what, to always take risk as a way of like.
Plans For The Future:
looking back on my achievement so far, i think in a couple of years i should become a world figure by virtue of my funding capabilities.
Advice For New Professionals:
They should be strong and honest too, its never easy but they have to keep trying.
Career Profile:
I offer project or business funding for any kind of project or business in need of funding in any part of the world, provided they are viable and profit oriented.
Working Life Management:
I think its average because i try my best to make sure everything is in place despite the work loan and the fact that i travel a lot.
Other Thoughts:
Growth Strategy:
Working hard every day to improve on my company and to develop more ideals to improve on my work.
Family Background
I am married with three kids, two boys and a girl. My kids are all married and they are also part of my business.
Job Profile:
I am a part owner of ADC Financial service and our role is mainly on project funding to any part of the word.
Involvement in the Industry
My major break through came in 1997 after my company funded a multi billion Dollars project.
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