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Devanand Bapurao Gujar
Devanand Bapurao Gujar

Devanand Bapurao Gujar

QA Analyst


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Required Reading
"" is a good website with audio/video contents about software testing, is other site I came across; having theory concepts explained.
And Most of the time I spent time on different forums and mailing list which is the best way to learn and share knowledge.
Tech trends to watch out for
I found Cloud computing & IP V6 a technology trends for both Dev & QA people where they need to sharpen their skills.
Today industry is not satisfied with working software only they also expect that software should be stable, meet performance expectations & secure to protect associated information.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Test case execution; Patch testing, write/Run automation scripts & perform failure analysis for failing automated test cases,Defect fix verification.Perform RCA for customer reported cases are the areas where I am currently working. In my previous profile I was mostly involved on test case execution
Plans for the Future
After 2 to 3 years of journey from here; I would like be in management team of some company.
Points of inflection
From Inflection points in my career I learn one thing.That Some times you may have very specific Skill set which is highly rated in industry but that doesn't mean that you will always get chance to work on those skill set.when you are not working on those skill set,you must keep practicing them.
Essential Advice
The only advice is to prepare his mind set in domain.
Any one can be a good Quality Engineer but only with the proper mind set and interest.
The Journey So Far
I started my career with PHP technology & then moved to Quality sector within a period of 8 months. while working in Quality sector done certification focused on App. Security & at the same time worked on Performance Testing. Application Performance and Security was always my areas of expertise.
Most Important Decisions
I was only growing financially in organization; so I decided to grow personally as well kept leaning continued. Continued participation in conferences,certifications and currently looking for some management program to sharpen my management skills.
A Fine Balance:
The most important is not to commit the things that you can't deliver; "You must know your capacity". If you go through"The 7 Success Principles of Steve Jobs", you will easily focus on the things you that you should be. career must be on priority for individuals but not more than family & friends.
Changes in the industry
Users are moving from Personal computers to tablet,PDA, Mobiles with fast internet services & are accessing applications from different devices.It is getting complex to provide support of application on all platforms keeping the balance of Performance, Security and Functionality.
Areas for the Future
I am mostly focused on Application Performance & Security.
Apart from these Automation framework, QA Process implementation & code optimization are the other area's to make specialization.
Degrees that Matter
Going for certification is finally a matter of personal interest and profile you are working on. I would recommend C.E.H for those who are looking to start with Security, HP-Load runner for performance, CSQA/CSTE for QA process concepts and RHCE for Linux people.
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