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Dellas Asse
Dellas Asse

Dellas Asse

System Engineer

Maicom IT services


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Important decision
first my career, second my life partner. rest of the things are happening without my permission. but still i am a happy man than anybody.
Degree that I recommend
Yes my bachelor degree in Electronics and the Cisco, Microsoft certifications
My role model
Ya it is my father. he was the one who teach me to handle the pressure at any work anywhere without getting pressure.
My strongest skill
By the basic experience of electronics and microprocessor, I can realize the errors soon and never been a hopeless guy. I will took little more time to conclude the way of troubleshoot. I can say I be the one to study the Microsoft products and learn quickly what they expect.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education system in India is not quit well. Totally need to rearrange the system. A study system should helps a man to skills oriented growth from the very beginning. that's it.
Influenced by
definitely my mom, moral related advises even I became a father, only can
hear from her.
My family background
Yes I need to so. My village is in sea-shore. I have four elder brothers and only one elder sister. All we got married and became parents. except me all others finished school education and up to still they are very good fishermen. they have their own fishing boats. We are joint family with my mom, my family and my immediate elder bro's family.
My achievements
From my career, i did Two ministries merge, that what the AD, Exchange, databases, total IT infrastructural with thousands of user within a week time (In Bahrain April 2012)

From my sports activity, I did organized a big badminton tournament(shuttle cock) as district level in my home town. me too a shuttle player.
Ensuring success
keep learning and learning.
Brief description about me
I am a man with very less ego, humor sensed, sporty mind. and love myself and others.
More about myself
yes. I am a good reader even get a piece of paper. And a story writer. i have read 90% of your articles what I received yet.
Couple of years from now
really this is good question. This is from my personal, a year back me and my two friends were met a terrific accident while I was driving the car. unfortunately both they didn't put their seat belts. one of my friend besides with me in front got a big cut in neck and been bleed. another one got unconscious, my right leg bend right side and I cant walk. three things were front of me there. stop the bleeding, call the ambulance and replace the them from the car to prevent if car get fired.
what i did i bent back my leg left with my hands (how much pain it was) took my phone from my packet so..we admitted we are fine..That was the place I felt how much i am a courage man.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
endurance, fortitude, forbearance, ready to hear, self-abnegation, sacrifice. courage all beyond these, self-confidence.
Important lesson learned
yes a bible quote " And with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again."
Initiative to develop a country
one professional should try to make another two. do not give anything free except their professional tricks. teach their next generation to stand their own mind and legs.
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