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Debalina Haldar
Debalina Haldar

Debalina Haldar

process design engineer

Thermax Ltd

Description about me
Well, I am a 23 years old girl from Pune working as a process design engineer in Thermax Ltd. Apart from designing boilers I'm also interested in writing and public speaking.

Important career decision
I remember when I was in plus two, I used to be so confused about my career. I was clueless about what I wanted in life and went along with the flow. A couple of important decisions changed my life. First, joining NPTI (ER) for completing power engineering since power is so important in modern India. Second, during college campus selections, I was focused about joining Thermax Ltd., a company that has great brand value. The colleagues here are so much friendly, work culture is great and work pressure is never too high. Hence, I found time after office hours to sit down and write my novel. My novel, 'The Female Ward' is now published by Thames River Press, UK.

Degree that matters
For becoming a design engineer it is important to be thorough with the basic concepts. Once you grasp the basics, nothing can stop you from growing.

Prospective towards freshers
I believe that freshers come with fresh ideas and view points which experienced workers don't generally have. Freshers do not have experience and hence, are accustomed to no particular working styles to break from while joining a new organization. You can say that freshers are like fresh clay that can be molded into any form the organization may desire.

Strongest skill
I believe that my strong sense of punctuality and time management are my strongest skills.

My role model
Tony Schwartz, the president and CEO of The Energy Project, is my role model who has inspired me through his book, Be Excellent at Anything.

Upcoming Trends
a) CFBC technology with supercritical concepts for great operational flexibility, fuel flexibility,higher efficiency and better pollution control.
b) Solar Power, a renewable form of energy for power generation.

My goal
I look forward to pursue an MBA degree from a reputed institution after obtaining sufficient work experience.and professional exposure. I would like to see myself as the author of three more well published novels.

Family background
My Father is a doctor. He is working under the Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India at the Central Labour Institute, Mumbai. My mother is a home maker. I have two sisters, one studying English Hons at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and another is in class V.

Advice from elders
My mother has always said that women are equal to men in every way. But the society might not always accept this very fact. So she always encouraged me to stand up on my own feet and not depend upon someone else for sustaining my livelihood.

My achievements
I received the Critics Choice Award by Illuminati in 2011 for my short story, By-lane Dreamers. That has made me really proud and encouraged me to write my novel.

Advice to young people
Be honest, be punctual and work hard. Most importantly, be yourself and retain your individuality always, no matter what.

India strategy on technical development
I believe that today we have such a competitive mentality that we are always ever engrossed to obtain material advantage, social status and sophisticated lifestyle. Hence, when an organization abroad offers us multiple times opportunities we do not step back to think about our country. I think Indian organizations should go with the trend and be competitive in providing special schemes and opportunities and retain Indian technical talent in the country.

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