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Ask Bharat Bhusan Patnaik for Advice
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Bharat Bhusan Patnaik
Bharat Bhusan Patnaik

Bharat Bhusan Patnaik


Chonnam National University, Gwangju, South Korea

My family background
I have been brought in a disciplined family. My father has served the Indian Naval Services and has earned Vishistha Seva Medal for his indomitable service. We had the opportunity very early to meet and greet peoples from different culture, castes and religions as we were stationed in port cities of India. My mother is a housewife but has been a revelation regarding her resolve to bring us up in difficult and trying situations. My younger brother is currently working as a Systems analyst at Barclays Capital, Singapore and is happily married with a daughter. I have been married for the last 8 years with my wife being my able support and force behind my efforts. I have two beautiful daughters, those with whom i spend time with during my leisure activities. Though i want to have a simple life, i would be happy to provide my family with some precious things to cheer about.
Brief description about me
A academician and researcher by profession, who has taken effort towards tackling new global challenges. Although, the current efforts in studying candidate genes relevant for tackling persistent pest problems that plague food productivity has just began to unearth some cool results, i hope through continued funding and industrial support the results will be applicable at the field level. I have completed my doctoral degree in molecular toxicology from University of Madras, India and have worked in academics for 4 years before venturing into active research in the field. I have got my first research position in South Korea through the Korea foundation of advanced studies (KFAS) fellowship in 2011 and have been researching here for my 2nd year through a post-doctoral grant by Ministry of Agriculture and Food, South Korea. I am have also received grants from UGC, India and the Indian Academies of Sciences for short-term research.
Degree that I recommend
I have been learning by every professional work that i have been assigned with. Though i think we should always try to put efforts in polishing our unique skills that helps us in our profession. I have been interested in writing in sciences as a course, which currently iam pursuing online from Stanford University, USA. I would also like to add a management degree to my efforts for being able to manage my skills on a higher level.
Important lesson learned
I would like to sum up by saying that, maturity to handle life's trickiest situations comes by networking and exposing your frontiers to a larger audience and being able to keep yourself busy. Although we all have times we do well and there are times when we feel dull and neglected, it is the positives that we have accumulated from the hard work during the good times that helps us to repair our struggling times. I also am very fond of few lines said by Swami Vivekananda and i quote "Take risks in life. If you succeed you will be a leader and if you fail, you will still be a guide". If we don't long for the next good/big thing in life, life will be boring and more harder than when we always put best efforts to achieve the next big thing. So keep yourself exploring in your profession and personal life. Be principled as i feel that if we don't gain much, we will never lose anything. So let's try always.
Important decision
The most important decision would be to leave a government job in India to fulfill my research potential. I always think that i was misplaced in a government organization as there was time for neglect of work, and i don't believe in that. Though i feel some government organizations are worth to join because of their committed work force, it is not consistently seen in all organizations.
Initiative to develop a country
I feel we professionals have to challenge ourself first to be able to put a consistent work force and energy around us. The energy that disseminates from us should be the drivers of our economy. We need to very transparent in our networks, contacts and the work objectives and ethics. We need to take full responsibility of our priorities and add a small humane touch to it. I mean we should be prepared for helping the needy, especially the childrens those have no good means of education. I think equality within the Indian society is the key motive and i urge all the middle and high-level professionals to make a chord with some charitable organizations and understand their needs.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Honesty, taking calculated risks and networking with professionals across the globe. It is very important to imbibe this early. We in the research domain understand the importance of inter-disciplinary science, latest technologies and international collaborations. I may work with other professions as well.
Influenced by
It is very hard to tell a single most influential person that have been a major driving force. But everybody whom i associate with have taught in a small way, how to make the most out of my life. So i would say the compiled efforts have been important apart from my family.
Ensuring success
As i put these lines before, that to be interested in doing what we are doing routinely, we have to always open ourselves to updating the latest. It would be a nice idea to help the needy with some resources. I am trying to make myself available to networking with my peers, colleagues and students and making an open-ended discussion with them.
Couple of years from now
I would like to work for a organization where i can get some big funding to work on an applied research area as pest control strategies and immunity. I would also like to start a small business enterprise related to scientific writing and publishing.
My achievements
I am proud of my research efforts in South Korea thus far. The findings have been truly interesting and reciprocated in good international journals. I am also proud that some of my students are well placed in higher studies, jobs in academia and industries. I am also proud that i can act by principle most of the times in my profession and doesn't take the shortcut way to success.
My strongest skill
I have many skills relevant for a biotechnology professional. I have good knowledge in molecular informatics, functional and comparative genomics, proteomics etc. I have good science writing sense and can handle complex manuscripts.
My role model
Swami Vivekananda words impress me. He has been a true role model for many youths. He was modest, simple yet could say some of the best words that inspires others.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I always think that education at the early school level is good in India. Our school students can compete with internationally well in many olympiads. But we should focus more on undergraduate and post-graduate teaching as our syllabus is more theoretical than practical. We should learn the theory hand-on. We should be exposed the current technologies at least in a small way, and that has to happen consistently in all the institutions.
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