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Ashok R

Ashok R


Agile Force Solutions


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Brief about my current job
As of today I’m running my own recruitment firm called Agile Force Solutions. My role in the organization is just like that of head of family wherein I’m involved in end to end stuff that comes or deals with AFS.
Leadership qualities
In my opinion  the one most important skill that a person should possess to become a successful leader is the vision and the path he chooses to reach that goal/vision.  Various other factors also add up to the success as how he identifies a talent and uses that talent at the wright place at the wright time
Motivating team members
This is something which I’m still learning as every day passes by and working on it to become better.

Advice for upcoming leaders
Always think and act upon keeping the long term relationship in mind rather than short term profits.
Importance of branding
In today’s world branding holds the key for any products success or failure.  Be it the santa who has turned from green to red or the MTR chain of restaurants. People have always associated and fascinated by brand value which is a big plus for any company. Brand value helps many organizations when there are vital decisions are made by a customer in purchasing a product or taking service from them.

Importance of STP
Modern times have seen the importance and growth of STP.  STP decides what the company is all about and where will this XYZ company land-up ultimately.

Handling grievances
Being in a startup exposes many people to employee grievance, it may be an genuine feeling or sometimes imaginary. Either ways one has to take this issues a very seriously and act fast so that it wont effect the well being of the team. Being the lead in the team I ensure I get all the necessary info about the employees dissatisfaction and examine the cause as how much of its is really worth my time and then decide and act upon the information gathered by me.
Connecting right dots
Mistakes have happened in the past and will happen in the future to, there is no escaping from them. Its how you deal with it makes you the wright person for the job.

Initiative from professionals to develp a country
Professionals are educated and can do a whole lot for the country. But in my day to day observation I don’t see that fire in the belly to do something for the country exists in many of us. We are so very tied up with our own negligence that we don’t think about the country any more. Ex:  Our traffic sense is of the worst. But if we put the same professional into different country he/she follows the traffic rule like the ultimate one.
Climbing the ladder of success
Marketing is one hell of a job provided you love it and get the hang of it else your lost in the world of questions. A marketing person can reach to great heights within no time when compared to others by connecting the wright dots at the wright time.

Current Trends
Shoptimization has become very popular. Be it the apps market or the online shopping, this one has changed the way we shop and buy things. There are couple of more like  crowd funding, human banking , social visualization which top the market to day.

My thoughts on our education system
Our education system is a mixture of both the greats and also the normal unwanted ones. But if we are able to narrow the gap between the IIT’s and the normal colleges we could do wonders like never before. Being a country with max youth population we could be unstoppable.
My family background
About our family background we are a family of five. Das is a retired civil engineer, mom’s an housewife, my elder brother is an manager in one of the software firms and my sister in law is an HR by profession.

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