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Anshuman Chaudhary
Anshuman Chaudhary

Anshuman Chaudhary

Founder and CEO



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Brief description about me
Anshuman Pratap Chaudhary is the Founder and CEO of VVIDIA which is the world’s leading independent digital media technology company, focused on videos and video ads available in popular languages, to consumers across all connected devices.
Important decision
There have been quite a few; but the one to have most repercussions (positively) has been to take the leap in becoming an entrepreneur.
Influenced by
I trust every human with whom I have interfaced in a deeper manner has played some role to make me grow in certain aspects of life – whether it’s my parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, customers, partners, bosses, wife or my son – I am indebted to all of them for their support, love, mentoring and faith!
My role model
I am pretty much a self-made man, however best pick comes from Steve Jobs - with his stay hungry, stay foolish attitude and putting creativity and technology together.
Degree that I recommend
Definitely a good Bachelors in Engineering with executive MBA post work experience is what I can think of.
Ensuring success
My motto in life has been very simple - "Men look at things and say why?; I belong to the class of men, who dream of things that never were and say why not?" - I believe there are 3 kinds of men in this world, namely astronauts, astronomers and a rare third kind i.e. astronomers who have become astronauts. I categorize myself in the third kind. I keep being hungry and foolish to embrace new learning in both personal and professional life”
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Skill, Smart work, Vision and Perseverance are the essential qualities a person require to become a successful leader.
Couple of years from now
Definitely to make VVIDIA a successful venture, maybe grow another venture and possibly have more time for family, theatre, adventure sports etc. The world is my playground and I have just warmed up!
My achievements
Selected for State Hockey team during my school days.
Help age India certificate for Social Work and Community Service.
Chosen to join the International Association of Business Leaders USA-2007.
Chosen to join the US India Business Alliance and US India Political Action Committee-2008.
Performance driven leadership and growth in my career across companies.
Founding VVIDIA – a novel start-up in the Digital Media Technology space.
My strongest skill
Sales, Product Management, Technology, Marketing and Finance.
My family background
Dad passed away, was ex-Navy and then Textile Business Specialist. Mom is a retired official from State Health Dept. Wife is a celebrated Choreographer, Oddissi Danseuse and an actor, Son 7yrs school goer!
Initiative to develop a country
I trust the professionals are already doing great. Only thing is we all need to live more on the edge, take risks, dream and make them into a reality. Apart from this,I trust government has to have a more aggressive strategy to make entrepreneurship ecosystem grow stronger with clear focus to put India on the IP map globally.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I trust we have one of the most robust and rigorous educational system but in some ways it is archaic too. I trust inclusion of more updated curriculum and research based methodologies (seek and search) for children will make learning more fun and rewarding.
Important lesson learned
The beauty of life is in the journey and most things we seek answers to at a particular time get answered in due course. Hence we need to learn to connect the dots over a period of time. Patience and visionary skill is the key here.
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