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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Sr Manager Marketing and Events


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Relevance of MBA
I trust MBA is a career booster as I myself have seen several changes during and after completion of my MBA. It makes you think deeper on anything and your skills like Communication Skills, Analyzation Skills, Dressing skills and handling Stress level will increase. But I have also seen that MBA will remain just a degree if you did not pass from a reputed college and taught by well experienced teachers.
My idol
Yes, I have my idol that is my father (Mr. Sohanvir Singh)  and it impact a lot to the follower as we learn from our idol and see them how they work and handle or answer even in disaster situation and thus that all brings a change in the life of the follower both personally and professionally.
Memorable Moments at College
The most memorable moments of the college are the projects given by the professors where we need to work in team and I remember and miss those nights when we all friends awake whole night and help each other in the completion of the projects. We use to take breaks and also go for bike riding during nights. It was a great learning and fun. I miss all those days.
Experiences as an Alumni
As an alumni the experiences are quite different. I felt good when I mentor and tell the fact of the things in terms of operation that how it is different for the bookish language and how practically we implement the things which we have learnt and one more thing when we pass the college then we miss going there and whenever we pass near to that it catches our eye sights and we feel good seeing it and telling to others that see this was my college.
Professional Experience
My professional experience was excellent I learnt a lot and have cracked several deals with new companies. On job I got opportunity to meet and interact several entrepreneurs who are Industry leaders and learnt a lot from them as well and also from the experiences which they shared. The biggest think I learnt is that always focus on your task and bring some idea which no one have thought and then you see the world is yours. Motivation and strategic thinking with implementation are two things which can take you to any height and will be learnt when you are professional and always ready to learn not to always teach.
Advice to Young Professionals
My advice to all future professionals is that book world is totally different form the real world but understanding the book lessons are very important as they will only help you to think further and secondly my suggestion is that always ready to accept any work never keep waiting for only big MNC to hire you because after college every single day have value whether you add it as experience in your profile or waste it it’s all upto you and always remember “ BEINGA BIG FISH IN SMALL POND IS MUCH BETTER THEN A SMALL FISH IN BIG POND” because in big pond big fish will definitely eat small fish one day so Love your profile not company because you will never know when company will stop loving you so Focus and Grow on your profile. All The best to all of the readers.
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