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Amit Jagdishbhai Choksi
Amit Jagdishbhai Choksi

Amit Jagdishbhai Choksi

Sr. Manager



Amit Jagdishbhai Choksi is a member of:

Ensuring Growth
Learning is an endless process and day by day, new technology is coming. so to keep myself updated, keeps eyes on whatever happens around the world. I have put my name plate on my desk. just behind of that name plate, i have written " NO PENDING WORK" this reminds me always to continuing work. According to me a leader is a person who can built a burning desire for success in every Team member. Leader is a person who can make 1+1=11. Leader gives credit of his success to his Team & takes failure to his own.
Team Management
I always welcome healthy discussions. It helps to crate better working enviorement. Rotation of work is the best for the company. it's crack the monopoly of person & give less burden to one employee. by this, every one's knowledge can increase & also leave problem can be solved, as every one knows other's work also. i believes that, failure or success are not the end of any work. but it's a starting of another way or another milestone. To come closure with all Team members,we regularly interact eachother as a friend. To build up strong bonding among each other, atleast one family get together per month we are doing at out side the company premices.
Awards and Recognitions
I was awarded with 'Best Employee of ESSAR STEEL LTD' in 2004, 2010 & 2013.
Leadership qualities
A person who has ability, to lead the goup with harmony can become leader. A person who can make 1+1=11 can become leader. Aperson who can create burning desire for success among his each Team member can become successful leader. A person who believes that TEAM means 'Together Everyone Achieves more' A person who takes failure on his own shoulders and give credit of success to the Team, can become good Leader.
My views on India Technical development
Yes, it's true that we have very strong & good minds in India. but, they all want to go abroad, because of various factors like money, working enviorement, social security etc. If you see in US, UK or any other country, you will find Top government officials will be Indian. it is because of our mind. We have so many & top level executives are here, but due to bad government policies this these young trunk going outside of India. Here in India, so many taxes & restriction are there, because of that companies are not interested to work at here. government support in fair business and education can solve company's technical aspects.
My advice
There is no shortcut of success.
Do hardwork.
Don't go for monopoly of work. Knowledge has power & it's increases by distributing.
Current Job description
My work is a part of Supply Chain Management. I am doing follow up of my zone customer's order. That is from order to dispatch cycle. Material should be ready & dispatch to customer within promice date is the mai moto of my work profile. Apart from that, we have aprox. 50000 MT Goods In Transits any time. To bring down this figure as much as we can, is the other profile of my work.
Managing personal and professional life
See, I always carry my 'To Do' list with me. same way, what is my aspects from others are always with me in my mind. everyone in this world are with different capacity & knowledge. by examine properly, i assigned work to suiatable candidates. also I make sure that noone should be overloaded. Also contineous monitoring on the assigned work is not good, but ofcourse, periodik supervision is must.
Handling Grievances
If any grievance is there, first of all I will go in the depth of the issue & collect all necessary reasons. will take my own time & then try to resolve the issue. I will take that employee in full confidence & slowly settled out that issue. by doing that, I will keep respect of his feelings & beliefs. Also during conversation will keep the notes of all loop holes. so that in the future such incidents will not happen.
Influenced by
In personal life, my mother. She is my Idol. when I was kid, we were hand to mouth. no money for study & food. My father was weak in health, so my mom has taken up this challenge of education of three kids & food for them. she has sacrificed so many things & waste her whole life in serving us. My mom is an idol for me. she teach us how to live with respect in life & how to do hard work.

In Professional Life: MY Boss, MR. Bhargav Dave. He is a very low profile man. He teaches me how to mimize your requirement in life. He teach me we should not speak, let the our work speaks. He teach me in the profession, experience & knowledge matters, Degree is the only gate pass to enter into corporate sector.
Family background
In my family, following members are there, living jointly. My father Mr. Jagdishbhai was passed away on 31st Dec'2012.
My mother Mrs. Lilaben is housewife.
My wife Mrs. Jolly is a singer, doing shows professionally.
Our elder daughter Khushbu studying in class 7th.
Our younger daughter Vyomaa studying in class 4th.
Tech Management matters more on
Many times it has been seen that, Manger who are technically strong but their managerial skills are quite lacking. because of that such managers are not able to move forward in the organization. After some period or level in organization hierarchi, there is less requirement of your technical knowledge. you have so many experts in your down channel. you required only your managerial skills to take maximum work from them.
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