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Ajith G Pillai
Ajith G Pillai

Ajith G Pillai

Sr. Executive (HR and ADMIN)

Unibeton Ready MIx

Ensuring success
I am trying to improve my analytical thinking and striving to achieve goals by using high-tech methods, continuous improvement in process, trying to bring new innovations to practice after making a detailed and careful study about things and situations. I will attend all the program, lectures & Seminars in connection with area of my work.
My strongest skill
Analytical thinking, excellent communication and negotiation are the main skilled used by me to perform my area of work. I am open to opinions of my staff and ready to listen to the opinions of even helpers which I do believe to have some value. daily inter actions and communication with all people in my area of work to promote a sense of team work and team sprit is the key to success. I always believe that a smile and occasion partying can make excellent results
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
An Excellent listener, never put his subordinates in front, won't hesitate to say NO when needed. A man with positive attitude and ready to take extra miles for his work and ready to share the benefits to all the team.
Brief description about me
I hail from an uppermiddle Class Family in the central Travancore area of Kerala state. I was a student of Sainik school Kazhakootam (1978-85) and later finished BCom from University of Kerala and then LLB from University of Kerala who by chance took up a challenging job in Middle East. I am Married and have a daughter studying in 9th Standard in RCJPS Kakkanadu, Cochin Kerala and My wife is running a beauty Parlor at Kayamkulam kerala.
My Parents were in Kerala Government service, My father retired as Add. District Magistrate and Mom was A Tahsildar. I have two younger brothers both are professionals.
My achievements
Having chosen to make an system for international travel of our company, entrusted with the multiple international branch establishment, having been chosen for the best suggestions to improve the process and cost effectiveness of the organization, chosen as a member of the team to manage the most reputed projects of the company
Couple of years from now
I will be a assuming a senior management role in my company or some other companies of international repute
Important decision
First Major decision which I took was to study law after completing my graduation in commerce and to start practicing as lawyer for almost 12 years. The second major decision was to take up an employment in Middle East in a new field of HR & Admin
Initiative to develop a country
According to me professional can't do anything in India in the current political scenario. what they can do is to work in foreign countries and bring more foreign exchange to India. The system has to change, there should be political will to implement right things at the right time.
Professionals should be given major role (Direct)in government. Direct involvements and easy procedures and online methods to grant licenses and other sanctions to eliminate the existing nepotism and favoritism can lead to individuals coming up to take new businesses and infra structure development.
Important lesson learned
I feel that in India we don't put in much efforts in our field of work, but once we leave our home station, we will put all our efforts to become successful in life.
The Government should be strict in implementing laws, orders of Courts and judiciary should be given respect.
Nothing like reservations in jobs should be an embargo for the best to be deprived of their opportunity in jobs and studies.
Minority classes should be given all the infrastructure set up for studies and not for jobs.
all fields of study should be based on merit rather than on caste creed basis.
corruption should be dealt with the grass root level
no one should be treated above the law and there should be speedy disposal of cases to grant justice in time and where ever required capital punishments too
citizens should aware about their rights and should respect the right of other fellow citizens
My role model
I have great admiration for Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and TN Sheshan. They for me are the icons of national integration and great courage. According to me they were impartial, courageous and diligent in their duties. They discharged the duty cast upon them with out fear and with utmost sincerity and in a more impartial way.
Influenced by
My Father had influenced me in my life. He was a simple god fearing man, never had been corrupt in his life and had taken up the responsibility and sincerity in all works entrusted. He thought me the lesson that some one can take away the credit of your work but can never take away your competency and one day it would reveal the actual Truth and one cant hide the truth for long.
Being honest and Dedicated to work will surely yield the result and it has become true in my life also
Degree that I recommend
The degree of Law with labour option had helped me a lot. but I do feel that a MBA in HR would have been an added advantage
More about myself
I feel that the social and culture of india has to change for its development. It is sad to see the corruption at all levels. The funds for developments are not properly used, roads are under developed,
My family background
MY father is a rtd. Government official and so is my mom. we are from central Travancore in Kerala, I have two brothers who are professionally qualified, married and well settled.
I got my basic education from Sainik School and later took Graduation from Milad E sherief memorial Collage and law from Keral law academy. got married in 1996 and have one kid
Thoughts on Education system of our country
First of all there should be no reservation at schools, the teachers should have good and periodic training for teachers. New methods of teaching and up to date curriculum.
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