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Ask Yadu Kulkarni for Advice
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Yadu Kulkarni
Yadu Kulkarni

Yadu Kulkarni

Manager - Inside Sales


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Dad:Mech Engg from COEP. Started career at Telco, Set up own factory at 23 yrs. Now retired, does day trading as a hobby. Mom is a BSc,B.Ed retired school teacher. Bro is a successful entreprenuer, owns trade exhibitions media co(Aquarius Ventures) We are a well educated, cosmopolitan family
In your working career so for, please share with us what have been top 2 or 3 accomplishments/work experience/your contributions to this field.
KPIT gives equal importance to behavioral attributes as well as performance results. Accountability right at the entry level ensures a strong, good work ethic. Top Management is very talented wonderful leaders, and down to earth. KPIT cares about its employees, and people like working here.
Doing differently:
I did some amount of job hopping at the start of my career until I found my niche in business development. If I could start over, I would have probably stuck to a company longer, and also been more careful in choosing my employer based on ethics, growth opps and overall market reputation.
Essential qualities:
Confidence, assertiveness, domain knowledge, strong interpersonal skills, a pleasant image (dress sense, personality, style, etc), right combo of empathetic and objective, team player
Current job Description:
Previously worked with an ITO firm where the focus was on meeting SLAs rather than customer service & satifaction. At KPIT, customer focus is one of the core values and individual goals are aligned to the same.
After few years:
I would like to be at a high level position at KPIT where I can contribute to, and influence overall organizational strategy and processes. I also want to start a women's help forum targeted towards working women and common challenges we face. Hope to get that going as well!
Extra Certification:
Domain related certifications (technical or skill based), communication skills, foreign languages and personality enhancement programs.
Career Decisions:
Choosing an employer based on market reputation versus pay package.
Deciding to leave an employer at the right time when I saw my career was stagnated.
Taking negative feedback positively - doing an honest self analysis to spot problem areas and learning from past mistakes.
Will quote Warren Buffet here "In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." People make a company, so go all out to get the right ones and keep them there.
Book/Websites to go through:
Books: Personally inspired by a variety of fiction & non-fiction works: The FISH series, Ken Blanchard books, biographies of leaders, all "good triumphs over evil" stories. Never go for "quick success formula" books.
Specifically recommend Linkedin for building a strong network & learning from peers
Achieving Success:
Think from the head & not the heart: Women shouldn't be overwhelmed by men & understand their mindset better. Problem solving skills: Focus on finding a solution & move on, rather than get drowned in the problem. Sacrifices: Every successful career person has to make them, so learn to deal with it
Lessons: Never trust someone until they prove worthy of it. Keep professional & personal friendships separate. Image is important.
My career has taught me to set goals in life and work methodically towards them. Exposure to multitude of personalities - reading people better.
Opinion on women leaders:
Women leaders definitely need to work twice as hard as men to achieve success. They are better team players and believe in live & let live. Equally knowledgeable as men but better communicators. They bounce back a lot stronger from failures. Provide encouragement to other female colleagues.
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