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Ask Saurabh Shankar Singh for Advice
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Saurabh Shankar Singh
Saurabh Shankar Singh

Saurabh Shankar Singh


The Journey So Far:
My journey in corporate world was always like a roller coaster ride. Starting from developing softwares, entering in to totally different field of fire alarm system, then back to the things which i loved to do and that was corporate communication design, focusing on user experience and communication design for the companies rather then just creating brochures, websites or custom application, i focused on designing a strategy and communication for companies with help of which they can increase their brand personality and identity and start selling their product.
Then getting my work recognized and being called by COA (college of arts, lalith kala bhavan, delhi university) to teach my stuffs to MFA and BFA students in visual communication department.
I feel a company should focus on improving brand identity and personality rather then just creating a good brochure or a website which will help them in SEO.
Professional Strengths:
A resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who can nurture and take care of your product which you have created with so much of hard-work and pride.
A corporate communication strategist
A Branding & Identity Expert
An expert and specialist to boost your online media with User interaction and User Experience.
A person who can suggest best things about your social media marketing and online marketing.
Done Differently:
I would start it in the same way i started back.
and it also depends how much capital do i have in hand.
Because previously when i started i had Rs.600 in my bank account. :)
Growth Strategy:
I am developing a service for the client. which focuses on increasing sale of their product. The service says-
The concept of promoting your business through online media and the magic behind "Online Success" (The ima Style).
If i provide a good communication oriented website, social media integration, pages, blogs in 1/4th of cost then why wouldn't a customer buy from me.
for more information you can visit my blog or read this infographic
And if i can provide a brilliant product within a clients reach, which in turn will boost up online presence of client, improve brand identity and personality. Why i can not continue to grow and develop as a leader.
If i am capable of motivating my employees during this tight situation and period, why i can not grow and develop as a leader ?
Advice For New Professionals:
Be Focused, Time bound Hard work is mantra.
Do any work which you love, do it with 110% either you get paid for it or not.
Do the work as if it was your own baby. Because when a company you will work will grow, then you will also grow.
Other Thoughts:
Any product or any service created by any one is created by passion and hard work.
Being a strategist we should always understand this point and create a service for that particular person in an effective way.
Second employees are the back bone of any company. i don't consider myself as an owner, i am an employee. The people working at my place are true owners. I am just a driver and a guide, who drives them guides them to the exact place and true place, not to the fake place.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
We have worked with few good and big clients. we have managed to create an impact in the market, whoever sees our work appreciates it and every one is willing to work with us but they fear that we are too expensive, which we are not we are cost effective and whatever you will pay , during the time period you will see the gain by yourself.
I think this should be my one of the accomplishment which i am definitely not proud off but yeah it's right there on top. And i have many more things to change in the current scenario and market. So you will have to remain tuned. :)
Required Reading:
Read what ever you want. Try to extract things from them which is required and use it in your life. Throw away the rest of book. It is not required. Because you can only go to next chapter if you stop reading the previous chapter. So we have to move ahead and this is only possible if we read next chapter.
Career Profile:
My Current role is to study about a company which comes to me, create a marketing strategy, create design, marketing colaterals like presentation, corporate films, logo, color study and brand association, impact of that particular design or color (In short visual communication design) + Business Strategy for promoting business online + architect all the required solution for them like design, site, fb app, software, sales force, crm, erp etc.
My focus while working, is, to use my creative problem solving skill with cost effective investment plan which don't hurt the pocket of a client and if we take the work either it be a loss or profit, we give our 110%.
Because my view on loss and profit is different, for eg. if a client gets a work done by me in low cost, it means his/her negotiation skill was better then me. So if i took that work, i have to give my 110%.
Contribution to the field
1. Total branding of a company which totally changed their status.
2. creating a unique cost effective style of online success and marketing i call this a "MAGIC"
3. We are among those few people in India who works in current day technology. We are among those 3% professionals.
The Rest of indian professional from our field are creating websites and printing money. We are not, we are creating communication (Best one like magic) and empowering our client who are printing money and paying us our price too.
4. We created a software for sleep study. which i think is the only company in india doing this stuff.
5. We created interactive website and responsive website. Most of the web firms in india dont even know about these terms.
6. we created accounts application which i bet any one can learn in 15 mins.
Job Profile:
My Role
Solution Architect of corporate communication.
User experience design.
My profile
Being a founder of the company, i associate with other clients, i do meetings with them, understand what they want, try to explain them that we don't build website or design, we create communication which will help you sell your product in the market and establish a brand identity in the long run. Because the communication of your company is one hard core employee of yours who is always awake when you are asleep. It always greets a prospect with a smile, and explains what you would have to a prospect.
Therefore the website should be a true reflection of company vision and passion.
The Decisions That Matter
Nice one.
When i was in software field and i changed my field and moved into electronics field at general alarm company sister concern of MS. agni instruments engineers india pvt. ltd. It was totally a different field. here i learnt so many things. Amongst them few are business, how to run it, passion, hardwork, focus, never give up attitude, bond with employees, how to be acceptable and how to turn them into a productive human as well as an employee, negotiation skills and so many other things.
Some people told me i wasted my time. But i know i invested my time. Because i gained this much in these 3-4 years. It made me capable of starting my own company, with unique concept of online success and marketing.
Working Life Management:
I don't manage. I have been programmed in such a way. I work for 16hrs.
I take holiday on Sunday to reprogram, rejuvenate myself on Sunday i feed my brain with good things. I remind myself about my vision, focus and targets. Because we are human beings and we tend to forget things very easily. So i don't let my brain forget these things on sunday.
By the way i give good productive amount of time to my family. I am right there when they need me.
Degrees That Matter:
Yes i did lots of studies.
"O", "A" level. Graduation, Masters (MCA)
.net, ethical hacking, html5, css3, jquery, cognitive science....
But i don't believe in degrees. Because whatever i am doing i learnt it, degree didn't helped me.
One interesting fact about me. In my cell phone at 3:30pm an alarm comes up and it has been coming up for last 3 years now. "It says MCA degree" :) and it still comes up.
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