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Sankara Reddy K S

Sankara Reddy K S


Terminus Circuits Pvt Ltd

Handling Grievances
Most of the grievances will be come out as indicators well before the actual direct sharing of the grievances. At Terminus Circuits, we practice to have planned 1-0-1 scheduled 1-0-1 meeting with each and every employee on regular basis ( at least once in two weeks). These private meetings are well utilized for the purpose of understanding the concerns related to workload, work culture, career path, team effectiveness, salary and on any suggestion for improvement. This helps us to gauge how open the discussions are and early indicators to address the issues if any.
Tech Management matters more on
People management is all together is a different ball game in case of handling the technical resources especially the highly skilled and individual contributors in our domain of work. Specifically in our area of work complex analog circuits design the availability of resource is scarce in the market and need to keep in mind that resource lost is lost and need to struggle to find out an equivalent resource. A technical manger has a dual role with necessary soft skills to tackle the situations and also a technical competency to have a solution for the technical problem in the design work.
Important career decisions
Coming out of the comfortable zone from a faculty position for 15 years at Indian Institute of science to the industry and turning out to be an entrepreneur after 10 years in the industry. Founded Terminus Circuits with a focused effort on developing Intellectual Property ( IP) in the area of high speed interface circuit designs which calls for long gestation period, concentrated effort with highly skilled resources.
Influenced by
More than a particular individual, the zeal to prove the world that India can churn out the world class products in complex circuit design area with the local available talent which is grossly under utilized in India by supplying replaceable resources for large MNCs.
My views on India Technical development
yes, I do agree and as per my previous statement ( answer for Q4), there is no dearth of talent and potential to have innovative solutions which can lead to world class products and compete in the worldwide market.
What we lag in India is,
1. Lack of ECO system
A0. Local ECO system that is lacking to have full fledged development of any product.
b). Venture capital firms that can understand the wealth that can be created by having the products of our own. The long gestation periods for development and the lack of appreciation on the technological value that each firm can bring in. The change in the mind set of cash flow statement/accountants perspective of reading the worth of the company to appreciation of the long gestation projects that can yield.
2). Critical mass of the companies is needed with an expectation of being success by few of them.
3). Govt. funding agencies also wants to play safe much like VCs/bankers leaving the goal of self sustenance and encouraging competency.
Excellence in Management
Played an active role in architecture and delivering one of the most challenging Design ( 10 GBPS SerDes) & to the best of our knowledge Terminus Circuits is the only company among Indian startups/Indian companies to achieve this and world wide very few companies have done this which can be counted on fingers.
Awards and Recognitions
In the past at IBM I have ranked to be one of the best mangers by the practiced Manger Feed Back by IBM.
have half a dozen patents and more than 10 papers published in refreed journals.
Current Job description
I am the founder and CEO of the company. My role here is to lead from the front in design and providing the technical solutions and take care of day to day activities of the company.
Team Management
Being a smaller group, the team has transparency of what is happening in the design and development. Also we encourage people to expand their knowledge base across their domain of expertise through presentations and hands on.
Family background
I have come from a remote rural village in Andhra Pradesh from a agriculture based family. Have settled in Bangalore for the last 25 years. Have two daughters, the elder is working for our company for the last two years and going for higher studies in US this August, the younger one is doing her bachelors in commerce. My spouse is a house maker.
Managing personal and professional life
By capturing the lessons learnt and documenting it for future work to minimize the repetitive errors.
My advice
Dedicated effort and deep involvement can lead to success and enjoy each and every step of the progress.
Leadership qualities
A balanced mind and focused approach makes a successful leader
Ensuring Growth
The taste of success and the open mind to embrace the challenges in every walk of life is the trait.
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