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Satarupa Banerjee

Satarupa Banerjee

Lecturer HR and Corporate Trainer


Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
I attract good people through my Smile and Positive Behavior.I motivate people though my thought sharing.I believe in doing my good Karma.Positively reinforcing good work is one of the key areas to retain the best talents.I work with a team of 50.I praise them publicly and personally and boost their Morale and Confidence.This energizes them and to become better performers.Having the right attitude is important.I practice EMPATHY rather than SYMPATHY.I place myself to their thought processes,their mental age and act.This helps me to read a person's mind and behave and take decisions accordingly.With this kind of practice I had been able to secure 1st positions twice with my team.I teach them to be good human beings rather than becoming corrupted souls.I polish their minds with good thoughts by Buddha and inspirational leaders.This helps them to become better performers.
Helping to develop the country
The only thing professionals can do is to CHANGE themselves.They need to be more humanistic rather than core materialistic.As corporate citizens , they need to create platforms for the "talents" available in the market.The professionals should not argue on the problems of a developing country but they should try to come up with positive solutions in order to TRANSFORM India in a better way through Human Revolution.India is a land of epic history.We had Lord Buddha, hi principles.We had Swami Vivekananda and his ideologies.Professionals need to highlight their work culture by using such practices and principles.As Indians, we are neglecting our roots where the developed countries are utilizing them.Professionals should understand the basic concept differences between a developed and developing countries and hit the bull's eye through the process of "Lateral Thinking".
Recommended Reading
I follow various websites like harinairpassionnetwork,silicon india.I read mostly inspirational books and philosophical books along wuth my academic ones.You can choose any from the internet.I do a lot of social media like FB and Linkedin.I follow HR magazines from NHRDN,ISTD,NIPM.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
1. Be a good human being and do good Karma.Automatically you will reach your dreams.
2.Have gratitude and appreciate the work of your team members.You will get good returns.
3.Be empathetic.You will be able to win over hearts.
4.Have high EQ.This will help you to face deadly situations in workplace.
5.Never compromise.Have conviction towards work.
Advice to upcoming professionals
As an HR lecturer and as also as a human being, I believe that everything is possible in life if one follows SMART goals in Life.When I teach my students,I try to polish their minds through the following suggestions:
1) If there is a will, there is a way.So make your convictions STRONG.
2)Always be Positive in Life.Take every problem as a challenge.Because after every darkness there is light.
3)Polish yourself through reading highly inspirational quotes everyday.It will act as an energy pill.
4)You are the master of your own thoughts.No one can make you happy or sad unless you allow others to do it.So stop blaming others.
5)Be sincere, true and honest to yourself.Never give up in any situation.It will help you to grow in your personal and professional life.
6)Never think of winning, have high spirits to take all the attempts in Life.If you are doing a good Karma, it will get reflected in your results.
7)Be happy, be good and do good......SMILE and COMMUNICATE.It solves many problems.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
1) Being humanistic
2) Smart is thinking while a hard worker
3) Open to learning
4) Creative
5) Futuristic and Lateral Thinker
6) Having the right Attitude
7) Humble yet confident
8) Having high Emotional Intelligence
9) Energetic and Smiling
10)Honest and True
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
I practice participative management style.I ask my team members to showcase their talents.I provide platforms to them.My brainstorming sessions with my team, helps me to identify the right talents, their creativity, which I utilize for the next level of performance.
Current job profile
I am working as an HR Lecturer in various B-Schools in Kolkata. I teach HR and OB.Apart from being a teacher, I also have to play several roles in my organization.I work as a Mentor for a team of mine consisting of 50 students.I am also the Project coordinator for HR students.Almost on a daily basis,I counsel my students for professional and personal grounds so that they can polish themselves for becoming a better human being and good corporate citizens.
Recruiting new generation:
Yes.Gen Y are really ambitious and creative as well.They just need to get the right platform to showcase their talents.Polishing them can be done at any levels.But getting the first break is very important.For this, I allow them to perform publicly.I try to remove their inhibitions through proper motivation.I act more as a friend and less as a faculty.
HR Strategies In Place
1.Honing creativity and Innovation
2.Building enthusiasm
3.Employee engagement
Relationship with HR and Top Management
Be PROACTIVE and do not wait for others to take a step.If you need to communicate something to the HR Department, which is ethical and a right approach, do it.You have to take risks in Life.Grapevine communication is important.
Pain Points:
Working against corrupted employees and shrewd political players.
Improving Education system
Indian Education System needs a massive change.In ancient days we had the Gurukul System.That was the best mode of learning, gathering knowledge and having a holistic upgradation of SELF.Through passage of time, and with changing generations, people have become more money oriented focus on short term returns rather than long term benefits.The right kind of knowledge is not imparted to the students-be it history or management or anything else.People are participating on the rat race.They want Degrees, not education.Principles and value system, ethics are all removed from the education system.Hence, students are losing out from asking questions.
India needs to centralize on the education system.Talented studets need to get focused.The skilled workers need to get polished and used as talent resourcefulness.The potentials of the unskilled workers should also be mapped.We need more researchers to work on field and come up with proper solution and be the CHANGE AGENTS.
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