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Rakesh Shewale
Rakesh Shewale

Rakesh Shewale

Co-founder & Business analyst

iAriana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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Rakesh Shewale's Advice

Master the skills that are required

I would suggest them to master some skills like php, joomla OR mobile application's SDK for eg: Android or iPhone/iPad. Currently market is good... more>>
My family background
My father is a Manager in Jyoti Structures Ltd company. My mother is a Housewife.

I've two elder brothers Vijay(31) and Manoj(28). Vijay is a Special teacher for Blind Students. He lives with our

Parents, his wife and a cute son 'Hitesh'(2) at Nashik. Manoj and his wife live in Jaipur, Rajasthan where he is

Area VM at Future Group.

When my father and Vijay go to work, Bunty takes charge of house. He decides Whether to allow a guest in or not. Bunty is my pet(dog) and also Hitesh's best friend.
Essential skills
Logical Thinking is must for software developers. I believe, Logic cannot be taught, it can only be developed by self. Along with Logic, an individual must know any programming language through which he/she can convert his idea/imagination in working software model.
Becoming good marketing professionals
yes, because sales process mainly involves interpersonal interaction which is often done by a one-on-one meeting, cold calls, or networking.

Marketing professionals reach and persuade your prospects. Marketing involves advertising, public relations, brand marketing, viral marketing, and direct mail which a good sales professional can handle better.
Effect of sales on an organization
It is like importance of food in life.

Everything in organization depends on sales. If sales are good, business grows well and if sales are not good even after trying a lot, one may think of closing the business.

So an organization must have a strong sales strategy.
Motivating team members
I always stay positive and cool during good and not so good times. This attitude helps to bring positive energy around me. If I notice my team member is depressed or tensed, I sit beside him and try to have a long conversation to understand the reason of depression or tension. Then it becomes quite easy for me to provide good solution to him and also to help him implementing it.

Most of time I let him identify his strengths and things that I like most about him.. it boosts his self-confidence and I like when all my team members are happy and confident.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
In my case, online sales process is better. because we can reach more number of people in less time.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
When we started with our own software company, I only had experience in Technical support and so was handling customer communication part completely. For a new assignment, We needed php developer, but were not in position to hire one. So I learnt php on my own and completed the given assignment on time.

Later, for a complex eCommerce project, our client needed php developer with more than 3 yrs of experience(because the difficulty level was too high). We took up the responsibility and went at client's site to work on that project. Deadlines set by them explained that the task was not at all simple. We worked continoulsy without breaks. Several times we logged more than 36 hours working time in daily register. With such dedication, we not only completed it on time, but also gained special appreciation from our client. I really feel proud about it
Current Job description
I am co-founder at iAriana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Where we develop software, websites and mobile applications.

My Job responsibilities includes:

1. Requirement gathering

2. Project planning

3. Wesbite development and windows 8 application development.
4. Magento Consultant

Vast knowledge and experience in open source technologies like PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Zend Framework, etc. helped in developing complex Web applications for our clients in US, Australia and Japan.
Essential qualification required
Graduate in Computers (BE, BTech, BCA, BCS) is always preferred.
One should have good knowledge in programming language and database to start a career in software development field.
My advice to upcoming professionals
I would suggest them to master some skills like php, joomla OR mobile application's SDK for eg: Android or iPhone/iPad.

Currently market is good for mobile applications. Especially for Android and Windows 8 phone applications.
Developing a country
I would suggest them to stay in India or start a business and create jobs for Indians. Dedicate some time to think something innovative. Majority of the professionals wont write a program until they are forced to by their employer. And that is NOT good. I would say 90% of the people opting for this profession are doing it just because it has easy money. Easy money and a very convenient way of going abroad!

I cant help but think of the dialogue from 3 Idiots – Dont run after success, strive for excellence and success will follow. And you can only excel in anything if you are passionate about it. Unfortunately very few programmers are striving for excellence.

Often we read about why companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook dont come from India. This is one of the reasons. You cant create world beating software without having passionate programmers. Read about any successful software’s history and it was created by someone who was just playing with an idea or just did it as a hobby.
Upcoming Trends
Developing mobile applications for Blackberry 10, Windows 8 phone are upcoming trends in software development.

Applications based on Augmented reality are too gaining more attention these days
Education system in India
Indian Education system certainly needs to be changed.
Measures to be taken.
1. Update syllabus with latest market trends.
2. Encourage students to take benefits of Open Source technologies and CONTRIBUTE to open source community.
3. Should be practical oriented rather theory based.
4. Training sessions which help students to learn corporate culture should be conducted periodically.
5. Should encourage original thinking.
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