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Rajagopalan Nair
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Keep updating yourself

I always try to update myself with the latest trends in the industries in which I have good expertise so that I can present myself with confidence ... more>>

Good planning with consistent effort can bring success

A person becomes successful when he put in his best of efforts , make a plan for his growth and executes it successfully in time . To make one succ... more>>
Relevant Courses and certification
In order to have a complete understanding of accounts with an audit perspective , a qualification like CA , CPA, ICWA etc are the best . For Bankers , the CAIIB qualification is a good substitute .People who are in to treasury , risk management etc additional expertise and knowledge is required to handle these areas apart from the normal accounting skills.
What are your thoughts on education system in India. What measures to be taken into consideration to improve its quality?
The education system in India is good . Indians are one of the most successful professionals in the world . Indians are occupying the top slots in some of the performing organisations across the world . The Indians are a perfectly mobile set of people who could be seen in any part of the world , if there is an opportunity to perform and excel exists. They have done a yeoman service in building many nations in the Gulf and Europe .
Important lesson learned
Always try to understand the transaction you are accounting . Please give attention to the minute details of the transactions . Never pass an entry when you are not sure of it correctness . Keep your eyes and ears open. Bring any abnormal activities to attention of the management . Never try to hide a mistake happened . Report it and find a correction for it . Show the highest level of ethics and integrity in accounting .
Account Vs Finance
Accounting is the preparation of accounting records.This includes measuring, preparation, analyzing, and the interpretation of financial statements. Accounting is also often referred to as the voice of business, the language of business, and the heart of business.Finance covers a huge array of subjects, but the three main terms when comparing to accounting would be (1) the study of money and capital markets which deals with many of the topics covered in macro economics (2) management and control of assets and investments, which focuses on the decisions of individual and financial and other institutions as they choose securities for their investments portfolios, and (3) managerial finance which involves the actual management of the firm, as well as profiling and managing project risks.
If any thing you want to share with us apart from what we have asked. Please feel free to write.
A person becomes successful when he put in his best of efforts , make a plan for his growth and executes it successfully in time . To make one successful , he should be willing to go to the detail , never assume anything and continue probing till the right answer is found .
Family background
My father was in Army and mother was a home maker . I have an elder sister who is working as Manager of a nationalised bank in India . My wife is a interior designer cum beautician . My only son is working as an Automobile Engineer with one of the reputed car dealers in India .
Importance of Accounting
A proper accounting system is very important for any organisation . It reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the institution to its management , the investors in the company and to the Regulators . A proper accounting system protects the organisation from financial frauds by its own people as well as by others . A good MIS system backed by a strong accounting system helps the management to take critical and strategic decisions in time . It helps to plan well and take the company to better heights.
Initiative taken to develop a country
A country can develop only with strong industries and other organisations which works as the engine of growth. Accounting professionals , by virtue of their special expertise should work as the eyes and ears of the organisation to provide a strong basis for the decisions of the management.
Ensuring growth
I always try to update myself with the latest trends in the industries in which I have good expertise so that I can present myself with confidence and clarity of ideas to stay ahead of others . I do always keep a watch on the market to tap any opportunity available to me to improve upon my career , income and status . I have a lot of published work on banking and finance which has given me a sense of satisfaction and it gave me an opportunity to think and refresh myself. I am also a guest faculty for many of the forums relating to banking and finance .
Ensuring accuracy of every entries
Being a banker , I have always taken care to record everything on a day to day basis , without postponement , wherever possible. A daily checking of the major heads of accounts, tallying of cash and Bank accounts , reconciliation of all entries atleast on a monthly basis. I have always bestowed my attention to the forex exposures, contingent liabilities etc of the company etc which normally gets ignored . A deeper analysis of heads of accounts where the reconciliation is pending or taking more time , movement of huge amounts etc are always made . A policy of random checking of accounts which are prone to risk of fraud is compulsorily done by a person who is not handling the account .
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