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Ask Mohit Dadhich for Advice
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Mohit Dadhich
Mohit Dadhich

Mohit Dadhich


Sanguine Technologies Pvt Ltd

Your Role
Currently,I am responsible for Strategic Business Networking & Relationship management, ensuring smooth workflows, resource planning & brand & communication management.

My Specialties: Relationship Management, Communication Skills, Team Management, Analytical bent of mind with strong business understanding
Quite a Few. But the Best takes were:
1. Have Faith in yourself
2. Trust Your Instincts
3. Surround Yourself with Good people & positive Energy
4. Make your life Encounter based & learn & become wise after every encounter
Different from others
Business Intelligence the term itself denotes the use of Intelligence in Business.All our decisions are based on past experiences & future predictions. In other words information.
Business Intelligence not only consolidates historical ,current, and futuristic data & views but also provides the required information in a timely & efficient manner. We all struggle to decipher the exact outcome of our decisions. The closest possible result of what we deduce based on our analysis of data available is primarily based on the quality of data available & secondly on the analytical skills of the team working upon the data.
We all know Google started because the founders were not able to get relevant data when they used to search the internet( before Google happened).They gave us the taste of initial data & business intelligence by way of analytically smart & correct algorithms to refine the search results… giving way to what has now come to be a bigger world of Business Intelligence.
Tools of BI
SAP BusinessObjects
IBM Cognos Series 10
Microsoft BI tools
Oracle Enterprise BI Server (OBIEE)
Measures to be taken
For any kind of Business, a few aspects would always matter:-
1. Stake Holders-Internal & External
2. Resource Management
3. Competitors info
4. Collaborator's info
I would definitely use the BI tools available & understand the impact of my taking a decision viz a viz not taking a decision on these aspects.

Once I have an answer to the questions surrounding these aspects, I will be able to take a call. I am hopeful that thought I may not be able to eliminate the risk but am sure I will be able to minimize the risk involved.

Any Business decision gets impacted & works upon the Top Line , the Bottom Line & the Middle Line. If you are able to interpret the information available, you can make the best decisions of your life at a click of a button.
Comparison of current work from previous one
I am a Consultant. I am involved with different projects at a time & hence the difference in the work I do is unavoidable. Currently I am working on building a Brand called Devizer which is launching various futuristic electronic gadgets in the market. Starting from a scratch & taking it to s point where people recognize it gives you a different high. Thats the reason I am involved with it.
Decision taken
quite a few but the top of the line is that I listened to my instincts & took certain steps which had a certain amount of risk & a certain amount of leap.I left my Job & became an entrepreneur.
I am in the middle of my experimentation but I feel that this experience has left me wealthier in experiences & network than what I would have attained had I not taken those calculated risks.
Definition of BI
Intelligent use of available information for the Brilliance to be induced into the business systems.
New trend
Over the period of time the most impacting trends that I have understood & which form a certain part of our business plans is Data Analytic, use of Open Source & Social Media.
An intelligent combination of these three coupled with a great business networking & Go to Market Strategy is what I assume would do the trick for us.
Role of BI
The role of BI Like I mentioned earlier is if not THE DECIDING FACTOR, is nothing less than that also.
I say so because if you have to survive in the current market, you have to do better that what the other guys do & be ready for the next change.
BI helps one to expect the unexpected & be prepared.
Describe your struggle of achieving success
I am purely a Business & Relationships guy. I Started as a Business Executive In a Finance Company & then with the sway in the trends, landed into IT Training segment. The next logical move was towards bigger things in IT & hence I got into one of the top Indian IT company. By God's grace I always got seniors who were more of Mentors & less of Bosses. They taught me & let me experiment with my roles & responsibilities. Today because of their wishes & support & my 16-17 years of learning-implementing- unlearning- again Learning & again implementing cycles have ultimately lead me to where I am today.
After few years
Running an NGO
Personal Information
I have Sixteen plus years of broad experience of working in IT & Non IT startups and established organizations with focus on Managing Relationships, Operations & Corporate Administration.
My Strengths are Analytical & Process orientation, Communication, Relationship Management and Leadership skills. I have worked closely with the Management/Leadership teams, contributing towards development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices .

I have worked with clients in Europe, JAPAC, EMEA & NALA apart from domestic market to develop an understanding of their business & functional requirements & providing them with recommendations that address the sales & marketing process improvements and achieve desired results.

Currently,I am responsible for Strategic Business Networking & Relationship management, ensuring smooth workflows, resource planning & brand & communication management.
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