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Mitali Patel
Mitali Patel

Mitali Patel

Project Manager

Official payments


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Mitali Patel's Advice

Clear the objectives of your employees

Make sure your employees are 100% clear on the objectives. If you are not absolutely clear and provide the clarity needed for all to understand, y... more>>
Current Job Description
I am a Project Manager and Technical Business Analyst with one of the leading payment processing company based out of atlanta mostly we process Federal State and IRS n utility payments..As I am Leading Client implementation projects, and integration of county application projects with company like Thomas & Reuters and county application integration starting from product requirements through IT to Developement through testing, Deployment and until sales & Marketing.
Upcoming trends
SaS, ITIL, RIFd, Six sigma, CMMI,BPMn, Compliance related projects like basel ii n III
My advice to professionals
Make sure your employees are 100% clear on the objectives. If you are not absolutely clear and provide the clarity needed for all to understand, you will have a confused team. They will not truly understand the mission, vision, and goals. Confusion turns into anxiety, which then turns into fear. Your team clearly needs to know what is expected of them, the value of their strengths, and the actions you will take to achieve the objective. With the information you will learn throughout this course, you will be able to confidently implement the necessary actions for the team to achieve the objectives and goals.
If possible, take your time on making the right decision. Unless you need to make an on the spot decision, you should always take your time and reflect on all of the possible ramifications. Just let your boss, upper management, or whomever is waiting on the decision know that you will think about it and get back to them as soon as possible, or at least by the deadline. You
Handling risky decision
In most of my career kind of contracts i was taking required, relocation and The relocation was going to mean a switch in careers, and perhaps require some training and further education. It was also going to mean re-engaging in a vibrant market, where innovation and enthusiasm were seen as premiums. The ‘pluses’ far outweighed the ‘negatives’, and in a leap-of-faith But I relocated.
My thought on education system in India
I have no idea about education in india i studying in london and united states but i do know its pretty tuff on students out there
Influenced by
My mother,, she always is on move never give up attitude which makes me think in certain situations where i feel low and taken back but when i look at her and see how she pursuades i get motivated to be like her
Important decision taken
lot of them let s see this one at one time i had to choose between retail and banking contract opportunity and i was kind of so much in tensed situation and promising back n forth myself to convince as you know both seemd right and exilerating exciting domains and industry but sometimes you have to go on hard road a hoal
Qualities require to be successful
well you need to be more analytical as well as act as in situation arises and deliver in rightly manner which is important offcourse not to forget strong technical background with a keen business accumme always is a combination of being a good Analyst but depends on individual i would say in today s world it is all what kind of people situations and companies you come accross structered approach or unstructured some companies like number 1 top 10 ranked bank I have worked with and there was no processess in place neither in busienss way or nor as a technical strong people and after spending almost 3 months I realized why the way it was the way I saw cause all the politics running in an organization so you are not going to look for talent or skills all you need is who knows who type thing but hey thats what is world about hypocracy
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
basically you have to start somewhere and believe in themselves you just have to do it without being apprehensive about it think your country as in your own house or wife or mother from that point you have already taken a step to make your country developed from underdevelop
My Strongest Skill
Leadership skills

Interpersonal skills

Problem-solving skills




The ability to prioritize

Team player


The ability to multitask
My achievements
I have a strong career at where am in leadership role and having spent 11 years in Banking and Financial industry I know in and out of how things work out there all am looking to do now is start my own company and leverage my experience which will be my strong achievement
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
For example, hold weekly meetings to go over the goals and share the direction in which the team is heading. Go over items such as performance based stats, sales, customer compliments (and complaints…), needed materials, training requests, and any other pertinent information. "I address these issues in supervisory sessions," suggests Studer. "I hold regular meetings with mid-level managers. I send out email alerts that link to news items driving high-level decisions. it's critical to make sure the people under you understand the big-picture issues and their implications. It's one of the most important parts of one's job."
Couple of years from now
I don't know may be another planet LOL :-) kidding,, well defintely at a level where i can head my own company or become a Director or CEO of international visibility companies which will give me opportunity to travel and utilize my idea to create something new everyday
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