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Jay Sukla
Jay Sukla

Jay Sukla


Ankit Metal and Power Limited


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Jay Sukla's Advice

Put your mind and heart together to make decisions

When you deal with people, deal with heart, when you deal with yourself deal with head. Dealing with heart with people means make your decision wit... more>>
Current Job description
I was working as CEO of Ankit Metal and Power Limited, I was responsible and heading all commercial operations. But since September 2012 onward I have been elevated as Group director of Ankit Metal and Power Limited,Rohit Ferro-tech Limited, andImpex Ferro-tech Limited. Responsible for international business development.
How I continue to Grow
Constant vigil, constant awareness, utilizing all available resources, constant honing up skill, brushing up current national and international happenings around. Always up meeting likeminded people and group, and adopt certain necessary new input. Always keep my hunger up for all round growth: physical, mental, intellectual, financial, social, and spiritual.
Handling Grievances
I ) Find facts and figures from right sources – avoid all gossips, and rumors.
Ii ) Summon for hearing from both the parties accused, as well opponent.
iii) Evaluate logic of either side.
iv) Decide to utmost perfection keeping organization’s as well accused and all parties interest in consideration.
Advice to upcoming leaders
When you deal with people, deal with heart, when you deal with yourself deal with head. Dealing with heart with people means make your decision with head but with coating of heart.

Important career decisions
Planned to shift work base to international location.
Leadership qualities
Successful leader must be up on sailing one with the team, and not aloof disintegrated in a board room. Sailing one with the team means not having grip among people by atrocious nature, rather convincingly advocating his ideas to the group, team, or masses. A leader is always original in his approach. He is good listener. He call for audition among concern people and validate input. He is foresighted – consider past, present and future. He take control and accept responsibility. He demand excellence, but allow mistake. He forgo his selfish interest, and look for group interest. He motivate group by charismatic words, and deeds. He takes little from credit, but take a great deal from blame, and criticism – and correct those if necessary. He is performer, and not informer. He walk the talk. If jammed up in adverse situation, he is always up with emotional intelligence. He will ask WHAT, WHY where as manager will ask when and how?
Leader is always instinctively up bright to the situation, constantly vigil and watchful taking note of proceedings, and will shoot command best suited to the situation, and will not follow stereo type proceedings. He is always up in search of excellence.
Avoiding mistakes – both in your personal as well as profession
Keep basic things in place. Be calm and composed. Be informative and utilize resources in full. Do what is to be done, and avoid not doing what is not to be done. These basic qualities will take care of personal and professional life in excellence. Be up with emotional intelligence.
My family background
I am too private a person and would not like to talk much about myself, still I do here by try to tell in short. I come from higher middle class Brahmin family of north India. Grandfather was very senior professional, my father was mediocre businessman, and mother was very religious lady. Uncle was up busy managing huge family assets. I come from joint family where value of love, relationship, consideration, understandings, were on top scale compare to value resources to outer world. Ours was happy go lucky family, having brother, sisters, and cousins.
Influenced by
My parents. They have taught me the language of heart, simultaneously importance of intellect, and right use of money, resources, and power, etc.
My views on India Technical development
We have dearth of technocrats, expertise, technical know- how, etc. But irony is we are not up with any good tech product. If you see and analyze the structure of our companies: they have huge budget for publicity, marketing, etc. but most of them don’t spend a bit on R&D. They have R&D, but truly to remain in business, but none of the companies are taking zeal to research on to any new product or line, etc. Techies don’t get enough support system or resources compare to developed nations to constantly work on such ambitious project. Our engineers should be brought in to more challenging job, you can call it ask impossible, provide resources, and then get the impossible. Many thing world use as old pattern, no one is thinking of new changes, be innovative, and effect change. Build institution, provide resources, and put technocrats on job and stop not until desired result is found.
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