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Hari P K
Hari P K

Hari P K

Director - BFSI Practice @ KG Financial Software

K G Financial Software Pvt Ltd


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Hari P K's Advice

Be very practical and realistic

Becoming a leader could sometimes be easy – by virtue of being appointed as one owing to the qualifications/other external factors. But remaining... more>>
How I continue to Grow
We need to reinvest our time and energies and continue to learn. Learning is a life-time practice, and should never be stopped. My focus has always been on upgrading myself with the most current knowledge to stay ahead of the pack.
Current work profile
Am presently working with Cognizant as Director-Finance and am managing some global finance & reporting functions.
Leadership qualities
Leadership is all about leading from the front. In order to be a successful leader, people management skills along with sound domain knowledge is critical.

Handling Grievances
One of the most important qualities expected of a leader is empathy. When I get to know that an employee is aggrieved, I would call up the employee for a personal one-on-one session rather than waiting for him or her to multiply the grievance and reach out to me when it is in fully blown out shape. It is old knowledge that problems must be nipped in the bud, and it applies to organizational issues as well.

When you show genuine interest and empathy in the discussions with the employee, their comfort level in sharing the actual problem will be higher, and it could sometimes open up other loop holes existing in the system, which can be fixed for good.
Advice to upcoming leaders
Becoming a leader could sometimes be easy – by virtue of being appointed as one owing to the qualifications/other external factors. But remaining an effective and successful leader is a totally different game. You need to be a role model for your people. Be very practical and realistic – do not expect your team to achieve wonders, if you have not proved the same at work.
Avoiding mistakes – both in your personal as well as profession
As a leader, you are always in the “high visibility zone” - people look up to you for both good and bad reasons. Hence, it becomes very essential that you are conscious of all of your expressed thoughts, actions and behavior. It also becomes imperative that you hold a high character for yourself, and be ethical in all your dealings. It is also equally important to handle the perception issue – that everyone around should also perceive you as an ethical and knowledgeable leader. If perception management is taken care of, half the problem is solved on its own.
Important decision
Choosing the line of education very early in my life (CA), deciding to leverage on technology (Excel) and the conscious decision to reinvest many hours in learning regularly – these are the key career decisions that I have made in my life so far.
My family background
Am basically from an orthodox hindu family in Chennai, with roots belonging to Kerala. But in the past two decades, I have become a global citizen because of my living in different parts of the world, which has improved my outlook towards the work, culture and society. I live with my small family (consisting of my mom, wife, a son and a daughter) in Chennai.
My inspiration
My father has been the strongest influence in my life so far. He has inculcated all the best qualities required in me right from my young age, and also been a role model. It is very normal for all the kids to just be copy-cats of their dads, and it was actually easy for me to become what I am today, thanks to many of the qualities that my father showed in practice. At work, am surrounded today by great visionaries and leaders, each of whom are towering examples of how one should conduct themselves at work while remaining focused on the growth path.
My prospective towards India Technological development
Yes, we have enormous technical talent and we supply the real brain power (software specialists) to the world. However, we have lot of excellent workers but very few entrepreneurs, and this is owing to the cultural flavor of what we have always been. India has been known for ages especially for its contented living style, which is slowly but steadily changing.

We have the next generation taking roots in the Competitive style, which would lead to a lot more risk-taking, entrepreneurial culture. To improve the current crop of entrepreneurs, we need to have champions from the existing industrial giants, who are willing to support small companies /start-ups and give some kind of incubation facility, which would reduce the risk element for small firms and about-to-be entrepreneurs. This has to be a cultural change, and would need a lot more drive from the existing giants.
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