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Ask Deepak Parab for Advice
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Deepak Parab
Deepak Parab

Deepak Parab

Chief Executive Officer

Metrohm India Limited


Deepak Parab is a member of:

Degree that I recommend
Ideally in our field which deals with Scientific Equipment, for a person to be sucessful one of the crteria is to know the technique which they are marketing. Some basic knowledge about the instrumentation and basic sciences is good enough. Usually majority of the people employed in our industries are Electronic Engineers. Very few Chemists are emplyed in this field but according to me Graduate in Chemistry can excel in this area also.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
In the race of getting 100% marks basic foundation of the education system has been given a go by. Today, in our education system students only know lot of things theoritically. Practically, they are unaware about several things. Government of India has realsied this and have started several eductation institutes which are now imparting both theory and practical training, but this is happening for higher studies only. According to me our education system should look at our countries need and design the curicullum accordingly. Even some one with basic education with some add on course should be able to get a good job.
My achievements
Starting as a Project Assistant in 1984 and becoming a CEO in 2010 is one acheivement which I am proud off. During the course of my 30 years of service quite a few significant milestones I have acheived. At Metrohm India, we have bought our own offices all over India in a span of last three years and our sales have increased continously despite the slowing of economy. At Metrochem Industries we were the first one to start salt free dyes. We were also first one to have process control in Dyestuff with the help of modern instruments. My preliminary work of waste water treatent resulted in a Indo - Caadian Project sponsored by IDRC Canada with the funding of CAD $ 450,000 in 1988. In my Sales and Marketing area I was able to establish unknown brands like Metrohm Ion Chromatography system and Jones Chromatography (Biotage ) Flash Chromatographs.
Ensuring success
We are in the business of selling Analytical Instrumentation. This sector is witnessing lot of changes due to new hyphenated techniques coming up lately. In order to be with time, I spend my considerable time reading latest research papers on various techniques and how they can be applied in India. This gives us an idea to develop applications of our instruments in new areas or applications. Today, in order to survive and be ahead of competition you need to have better knowledge and understanding and this can come only from reading. Apart from this since my role has changed now I read lot of books on Managment.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
To be a successful leader I feel the person has to have consideration for his colleagues and the team working with him. He himself has to be a trend setter and has to exhibit the performance which he is expecting from his team. As a leader he has to face the consequences and should be in front of the team in crisis management, whereas when it comes a time of awards, he has to be at back and allow his team to take the credits. The passion for the job is very important and leader has to set examples rather than the pep talk. The leader has to prompt in his actions be it be communications with his team or with customers
My strongest skill
My strongest personal attributes are passion for the work, discipline at work place, hands on approach, punctual, quick response time to all concerned and quick decision making process. Somehow I have been able to keep my Personal and Professional assignments separate. Sometime I have been misunderstood for this since many people feel that I am different person after office hours than what I am in office.
My family background
I come from a middle class family. My father used to work for IIT Bombay and mother was house wife. I was born and bought up inside the IIT Campus and studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Powai. My wife Vidya used to work for a Pharmaceutical company as General Manager but after our second child she decided to take a step back and left her job to take care of our family. My daughter Aishwarya is studying in 8th standard, our son Yash is studying in 5th standard.
My role model
My role model is my guru Prof. Anil Lala who was at Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay. If my parents have bought me up, whatever I am today it is because of Prof. Lala. Prof. Lala also came from humble background and only due to his hard work he was able to achieve name and fame in scientific community. He is role model for me because under him I realized the important of time, discipline and what hard work means. He was passionate about his work and that quality also rubbed on me while working with him for 5 years. The nest thing ever happen to me in life was to start my career with him so that I was molded for the tough tasks ahead. Another characteristic which I have inherited from him is hands on approach.
Couple of years from now
In next two years time I will like to ensure that India is recognized as one of the country for future expansion of Metrohm AG and may be they look at India to cater to Asia Pacific. I will like, Metrohm to be preferred vendor to all our customers and we keep on increasing our sales in India so that India plays an important role for our parent organization turnover. On the personal side I don’t envisage any growth since already I am CEO / MD and this is the highest position which you can have in any organization.
Important lesson learned
Be passionate about what you do and success will come to you automatically. I use to love travelling; going to places and meeting people and for this reason I shifted from Laboratory job which was 9 to 5 in and air-conditioned room to Sales which required odd hours, outdoor and hectic life. The sales job gave me an opportunity for me to travel, go to different places and meet various kinds of people and fulfilled my hobby. In turn I was passionate about my work to stay in this field and that made me successful. You also need to have patience to grow and need to work with any company for the longer period.
Brief description about me
I am working as Cheif Executive Officer for Metrohm India Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Metrohm AG, Switzerland. Metrohm AG is a Swiss MNC involved in a niche area of Analytical Chemistry know as ION ANALYSIS where we are market leaders. I joined this organisation in Jan 1999 as a Product Manager and was subsequtly promoted to Sr. Product Manager, Vice President - Marketing, Vice President - Sales and Marketing and finally as a CEO in Jan 2010. Prior to this I have worked at IIT Bombay, Geo-Chem Laboratories, Kopran Limited and Metrochem Industries Limited in the Research and Development Labs. In 1995 after working for 11 years in Laboratories, I switched over to Sales and Marketing job at Netel Chromatographs. The idea to change from Laboratory to Sales 881984 Marketing was something which no body had tried earlier in my field and every one was surprised, but today I can say that the decision was correct.
Important decision
The first and foremost decision to quit a job in an air-conditioned room with definite period of work hours and join Sales & Marketing where neither the working hours were defined nor you had a comfort of air-conditioned room was a major decision which catapulted me to my present position. To accept to work under Prof. Lala at IIT Bombay for Rs. 500 p.m. in 1984 was another important decision as this is the place where I learned the things which I am practicing or using the knowledge today. To accept any kind of challenges was my nature and that bought me to Metrohm where I was able to deliver to my potential.
Influenced by
My parents have influenced me in my life with their teachings that if you work hard the success is guaranteed. The discipline, talking straight and truth, fearless attitude and to be upright is the traits inherited from my parents. My guru Prof. Lala’s influence on me was in terms of time management, reading, hands on approach, passion for work and systems.
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