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Be a learner

1. Be a learner. Learn as much as you can about your own area. This will help you grow faster. 2. Bring a positive attitude everyday to the workplace. 3. Respect others opinions even if you dont agree with them.
Influenced by
My Mom has the strongest and quietest influence on me so far. She has given a beautiful balance to all her roles all with a smile.She has been so inspiring and loving at every stage of life. she has been my best friend all through. She always has her hands full and her heart is overflowing with love and affection. I shall always applaud her with all the support , love and care she has given to me.
Current Job Description
I have worked for 2.8 years as an analyst in the financial services industry. I intend to go for Enterpreneurship now.
My Strongest Skill
1. A good intiator and responsible oriented.
2. Good in written and oral communication skills.
3. Well versed with MS office 03.
4. Adept in online functioning on the internet.
Couple of years from now
I see myself on the way to proving myself in different roles I play in my life. Given the opportunities provided, I shall carry on my duties responsibly.
My thought on education system in India
Today the education system that we follow in India, real learning is not there. The education system is entirely based upon examinations instead of training them and assessing their actual capacities and imparting the real knowledge in them. The curriculum is based all around clearing the exams and getting into particular professions. And they actually cannot work in technology and doctors are not there who need their services.

Those regulating and making policies are at fault and are responsible for sustaining such kind of system in India. We can have public private partnership in education sector also.Private sector can develop the institutions and the government can build and run the institutions.
It is good to have as many universities as possible, because many students do not get an opportunity to get into good colleges. But the government should have a strict control on every aspect, like infrastructure, faculty, facilities and curriculum, right from the time they are set up
Concept of Analyst
A project analyst provides the basic support to the project managers in managing, planning and monitoring key projects from conceptions through implementations. He has got diverse responsibilities to fulfill:
1. It will be the duty of project analyst to provide the help in coordinating in the preparation of external and internal external reports.2. He or she will have to do the work related to collecting, analyzing and summarizing information from departments. 3.He or she will have to report time to time on project deliverables and schedules
Handling risky decision
Making Investments in capital markets has always been risky for me since the risks are maximum in it and there are uncertain returns. I read the financials and keep myself abreast of the updates and the events that have taken place in the past for the particular companies that I carry in my portfolio.
My advice to professionals
1. Be a learner. Learn as much as you can about your own area. This will help you grow faster.
2. Bring a positive attitude everyday to the workplace.
3. Respect others opinions even if you dont agree with them.
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
India has struggled from Brain drain all through. Recently the 'Reverse brain drain' has seemed to be a possible gain for our country. This happens if professionals decide to return to their home country after a period of working abroad. When this happens, the country regains the worker as well as gains a new abundance of experience and knowledge received from the time abroad.There is also a possible gain in the expansion of international networking that can come as a result of brain drain. In this respect, this involves networking between nationals of a country who are abroad with their colleagues who remain in that home country. This is the way professionals can help India become a developed nation.
Upcoming trends
1. Officially, the desktops are selling out steadily since 2006.
2. Introducing 3D printers in our everyday lives and industries: at doctors’ offices, in hospitals.
3. Embedded technology.
4. Flexible devices-By year’s end, we should at least see a bendable phone (hard-ish rubber body, flexible display, plastic screen cover). The only question is which company — Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC — will deliver it first.
Such technologies makes our life more tech savvy, more easy, compatible.
Qualities require to be successful
As the job of a project analyst is very vital and crucial so it needed a lot of skills:
1.The candidate should have strong and sound knowledge of fiscal planning, business case development, and contract management to do the job effectively.
2. The candidate needs to possess very solid general management, leadership, and organizational skills to organize everything.
3. He or she should have the ability to correspond both in writing ideas and orally and should have extraordinary communication skills.
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
We must be aware of our life mistakes and learn how to deal with them. But mistakes are inevitable.Professionally, as a leader 1.the conflicts should not take an edge over your job. 2.Being undoubtful about your role in the job to avoid any sort of inefficiencies. 3.Forging positive relationships with peers and superiors.4. when working on a problem, focus mainly on the important part of the problem.
Personally, 1.Not taking your instincts seriously. 2.Not creating space for growth. 3.labelling your efforts.
Important decision taken
1. Joining American express has been my first break where I learnt project related skills. I worked there for 2 years.
2.Second job was into private equity investments with a startup firm where I got the opportunity to learn a new concept of private equity with research skills.
These have been my two important career decisions of my life.
My achievements
In American Express, I have certain accompalishments I would like to share,

•Awarded the ‘e-Rewards’ in 2006 for “successfully testing GEN II recommendations” by the Director of Global Accounts reconciliation.

•Awarded “e-Rewards” for outstanding performance towards the process excellence in 2007.

.Participated in speech and quiz competitions, cultural events during my school and college times.
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